Thursday, 21 April 2011

Catching Up

Hello Everyone.
It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks here and i am so sorry for not getting here sooner but life has been keeping us really busy what with one thing and another.
Before i go any further though i must tell you that Gordon has been given the complete thumbs up by his surgeon and he has not been stopped from driving or flying as he is one of the very lucky 10 % of people who go through what he did and come out perfectly fine with no cause found and no long term damage and for that we are sooooo extremely greatful.
The N E C was fantastic and it was so lovely to meet friends and customers both old and new and have a little natter.
My reunion with my old pals was wonderful and we had such a fabulous evening together reminiscing and catching up with each others lives. I felt on cloud nine for days after and just kept smiling to myself because i was so happy to have my old friends back (Thank You Facebook) and heres a pic of us all below. Thats my sister on the far right and her two children on the far left.

Another good thing to come out of the reunion was that i have quit the weed (3 weeks and a few days now and not missing the cigs too much ). I was the only one of us left who smoked and it didnt bother me until the day after and i started feeling like an old dinosaur still plodding on with a smokestick in my hand while everyone else has stopped, If you cant beat em join em.
I have stopped loads of times before and thats the easy part but the hard part is staying stopped so i hope i do it this time forever.
The week after the NEC was manic at the shop what with back orders and deliveries and we werent getting home until gone 9.00 pm for the first four days .
We both were starting to feel done in so decided to go to Norfolk the next week with Harry and it did us the world of good aand Harry loved it.
The highlights were sitting in the garden of the little cottage we hired just before dusk and seeing a Barn Owl fly right past us and Harrys face when he came head to head with a pack of seals on a remote patch of golden sand near Stiffkey. Im sure he thought they were mer-dogs and i dont know what they thought of him haha.
Heres a pic of one of the seals having a little swim.

Have not had such a fab break for ages and we feel great for it too.
At the moment we are all getting ready for the next ideal world tv show and we will have some fabulous samples and demonstrations featuring some of the new dies from Marianne as well as some of our own products to tempt you with.
Tomorrow is Good Friday and we will be open from 11.00 am until 3.00 pm and some of my pals from the Monday Class i go to incuding Clare and Diane from America are coming too to have a play day so it should be fun.
Well thats about it for this post and i will try and get back sometime next week for a natter.
I will post our holiday snaps on flickr to sometime next week so you can see what a great time we all had.
Thanks for dropping by.
Love and Smiles Rob, Gordon and Harry xxx