Thursday, 28 March 2013


Die Delights : ALL £6 EACH !

You must call the shop on 01623 818910 to check on stock availability and to place your order !



Just to let you all know the machines have now gone in to production , everything is on schedule .


Monday, 25 March 2013


Just to thank all of you who placed your order for the new machine at last weeks NEC show .

I think as we proved to you , this is what we have all been waiting for and you will not be disappointed .
As we have been banned from the show at Alexandra Palace due to nothing more than silly politics , our next show will be at Port Sunlight on the Wirral. This is by far our favourite show . We will have the new system demonstrated at the show and the new machine should be available at the show to take away .

I hope to see some of you at this wonderful event.

Dont forget , if you place a PRE ORDER before the machines arrive in the UK , we are giving you a very special gift as a big thank you .

All pre orders will receive the above as a thank you for your trust in us .

Many thanks


Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New rules for the Blog.

We think it fair on others that anyone who comes on as ANONYMOUS from now on will not have there comments posted .

You must have an identity , this is only fair to those who are not afraid to tell us who they are .


Monday, 18 March 2013

Machine warranty

Thought we would let you know that our new machine carries a full 12 month written warranty backed by ourselves . You only have one point of contact should you have any concerns . The warranty is full parts and labour . You are covered for any manufacturing defects . I hope this clarifies any questions on this issue . Gordon

Latest machine tests and results

Firstly let me thank all of you who came to see us at Harrogate this weekend and thank you for once again placing your trust in what we are doing . A special thanks goes to all of you who have decided to return your GC machines after just purchasing them from c&c . You have all seen the difference out new machine can make to your paper crafting . Today we have been testing the latest version of our new system even further. We have once more tweaked the machine to make it even better and easier to use . Here are some of the results . All of this was cut in one pass through the machine and then embossed in one pass using tough mirror card which we thought would be a problem . See for yourself the results . Gordon

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Did you watch Alan and Barry , what did you think ?

Well , i have just watched the new programme on Bid TV . Did you watch and if so what did you think ? Did you buy anything ?

I watched the Cuttlebug with interest , but they got it all wrong . One minute it said it came with five plates ? Then it said it came with three plates including one B Plate and one C Plate . However they were using two B Plates and no C Plate . The C Plate does not come with the new version of the cuttlebug , so both sets of descriptions were very wrong and misleading for anyone buying the machine .

Did you notice this ?

Presenting a programme will only work if you know everything about the product you are talking about , otherwise i see little point in promoting something you know nothing about .

Post your thoughts here ?


ps...I have been reading the comments on the Docrafts forum ..I always look around to see what is going on ....

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Dedication to Robert on YOUTUBE

Roberts brother , Daryl posted this dedication to Robert on YOUTUBE .
Just go to YOUTUBE and type in the search box : ROBERT GORNALL.
You will find it under Dedicated to Robert Gornall RIP.
Just thought some of you might like to look at this . You will see many old photos of Robert and I .
You will aso find another  under Mums Song ,also posted by Daryl , Roberts brother.
Many of you still talk about Robert , he was very special to many of you ,so i hope you enjoy these little snippets of his life .


Embossing coins on the new machine

Here I have embossed a selection of Chinese charms on to embossing foil .

More fun with the new machine .

Today we have been experimenting and here are two of the things we have been doing . We have been using stainless steel sheeting and as you can see we have deeply embossed it using a plastic texture plate . The other item which is more difficult to see , is a piece of card embossed using a piece of lace curtain . Gordon

New Craft Channel

Today we have had a little more news about this new venture. I can confirm that it will be fronted by Allan and Barry . Just thought you should know . I think i know your views on this from the previous posting.

Like us , i doubt if many will get involved .

Sorry to have to tell you this news , i know most of you will be disappointed.

The channel involved is the same one that currently runs the bid up shopping programmes . I believe they currently run three variations of this channel on tv.

Thought you should all know as i know you have very strong views on this subject.


Friday, 1 March 2013


I thought i would let you all know that we have been trying out all three of the A4 machines on the market using an A4 magnetic mat . If you use these to position your dies in either the GRAND CALIBUR or the JOY MACHINE , you will force and break the machines . This has also been pointed out in all fairness on Creat and Craft TV.

And our new A4 machine .....The opposite is true ! Yoiu can easily put though your dies on an A4 MAGNETIC MAT . This lets you position your dies to create all sorts of wonderful frames . Remember , on this machine the roller actually adjusts to the thickness , you cannot force the machine . No need to use any type of tape etc to hold dies in position.


Hope this helps and answers some of your questions.