Sunday, 24 July 2011

Cooling down but still HOT

Saturday was another day up in the 90s so we decided to do something indoors again.
We went to the Field Natural History Museum and again the place was so big and so interesting we were there until 5.00.
It did get scary towards the end of the day in there as we started to walk through hall after hall of stuffed animals from all over the world and we couldnt find an exit.
It started to get really freaky when you passed people you had passed 10 minutes earlier and they couldnt find a way out either.
In the end there must have been about 12 of us all staying in a group and laughing nervously trying to find a way out but not doing too well.
Eventually just passed molluscs of Australasia and Dung Beetles of North Africa we found the all importantant Exit sign and everyone gave a big cheer.
Came back to the hotel where we heard the sad news of Amy Winehouse.
I think everyone knew her life would end tragically and too early but i hope her spirit is at peace now and her songs will always be played.
We didnt do much just went for dinner and then had a night watching American TV or should i say adverts and then fell asleep.
Today has been a lot cooler so we have been out hitting the shops and going to different neighbourhoods to have a nosey around. I have bought some craft books and art materials that i cant get at home and Gordon has bought some shoes and jeans.
THis evening we went down to the Navy Pier and had dinner at Bubba Gumps and then went and watched the last ever Harry Potter Movie in 3D on an Imax screen ( Fabulous )
Yes i shed a tear at the end and thought the whole film was brilliant.
Got back to the hotel at around 12.00 am and have got everything packed and ready so we can have a last look around Chicago in the morning and then we will make our way to the airport around mid day.
Have had a great time but cant wait to get home to our little Harry and find out whats been happening at home.
Cant put any photos up as i have packed the cameras away but will post some when we get back.
Thanks for dropping by
Love and Smiles Rob and Gordon xxx

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Some like it HOT

It is really really HOT here in Chicago with warnings of not to go out if you can possibly help it and if you do to use high factor sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids.
Thursday was 101 degrees so we decided to go to the Planetarium as i have never been to one and Gordon says this is one of the best in the world.
I thought i would be bored but found it all fascinating and loved the three dimensional films and how our universe came about.
It was 5.00 pm when we came out and i couldnt believe we had spent a whole day in there but the time did go so quickly.
After a quick look round the shops and a bite to eat we went on an Architectural boat tour along the Chicago river ( it was 8.00 pm so no worries of getting sunburned ) with a lovely lady telling you about the history of Chicago and about all its famous skyscrapers and buildings.
It was 9.30 when we finally came back to shore and after a stroll around the Magnificent mile we came back to the hotel and had an early night.
Friday was in the high 90s so we went to the Chicago Art Institute as we both wanted to go here and it would be nice and cool with the air conditioning on.
Again A full day of taking in the arts from the pre raphaelites right up to the modern arts of today by the time we had looked around at all the fantastic art it was 5.00 pm again before we decided to go back to the hotel and rest our legs for a while.
Later we went for dinner and a walk down to the Navy Pier and then went to a late night movie showing of Transformers 3 in 3D.
Why did we go and see this you may be asking ???
Well last year when we were here we actually watched some of this being filmed along the Chicago river so when we saw it was actually being shown we just had to see it and i must admit we really enjoyed it.
When we came out of the cinema at just gone midnight the sky was full of lightning and just as we reached our hotel the heavens opened and i have never heard such loud thunder in my life.
We sat up in our room 18 floors up with a coffee watching the fantastic light and noise show for well over an hour before we went to bed with lightning still lighting the room and thunder still gently rolling in the distance.
I will leave you with a little video i took of the Chicago Skyline on Thursday and will write again tomorrow as i am so tired right now and must get some sleep.

Love and smiles Rob and Gordon xxx

Friday, 22 July 2011

Hello From Chicago

Yes i know
One minute we are saying hello to you at the Summer Crafting show at Doncaster and then we had to zoom off to Chicago for the Summer CHA show to promote the No More Shims Mat to our friends across the pond.
We arrived in Chicago on Monday afternoon and at the moment they are having a freaky heatwave with temperatures into the high 90,s and even up to 101 degrees yesterday pheweee.
Tuesday and Wednesday saw us on Diana and Roys Scor-pal stand promoting the No More Shims Mat.
It was great seeing Diana and Roy again and we all had a real good time and we got lots of interest and orders for the No More Shims and lots of interest for some of our other products too which Diana and Roy will hopefully be taking on board for us.
We met some absolutely wonderful people at the show and want to thank you for your kind words and interest in our products.
We also want to thank Diana and Roy for giving us the chance to promote our products on their stand and also for being our distributors across the pond.
Heres a pic of Myself ,Diana, Roy, Gordon and Sheila just before we said so long on Wednesday
evening .

Thanks for a wonderful two days guys and we will see you again in Anaheim next year xxx.
On Wednesday evening after something to eat we just fell asleep for around 12 hours as i think time caught up with us.
I will write later on today about what we have done since the show as Gordon is getting itchy feet to go somewhere.
Now where is that sun screen
Smiles and love from Rob and Gordon xxx