Sunday, 15 November 2009

Instructions for using our Universal Magnetic Mats With The Big Shot

Heres the sandwich you will need to use our aperture mats with your Big Shot machine.

Big Shot Multi-purpose platform with both tabs.

4 A4 sheets of cardstock folded in half.

An A5 or A6 greetings card blank

An A5 or A6 Universal Magnetic Aperture Mat.

Nestabilities die of your choice

Big Shot Cutting Mat

Big Shot Apurture Sandwich from bottom up.

Start with your multi-purpose platform with both tabs over the top of it.

Now stack your four sheets of folded A4 cardstock on top of the multi purpose platform (this will be your shim)

Next place your nestabilitie die (cutting edge up) onto the magnetic aperture mat and slide this in between your greetings card blank and place this on top of your shim.

Finish by placing the Big Shot Cutting Mat on top of your sandwich and it is all now ready to go through your Big Shot Machine.

And Voila you have made your own aperture card.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Instructions for using our Universal Magnetic Mats With The Cuttlebug

Here are the instructions for using our aperture mats in your Cuttlebug.

For the Cuttlebug sandwich you will need.

Cuttlebug A plate.
2 peices of A4 card folded in half (this will act as your shim)
A5 or A6 greeting card blank.
Universal Magnetic Aperture Mat ( A5 or A6)
Nestabilities Die of your choice.
2 Cuttlebug B plates.

Starting at the bottom of the sandwich first place your Cuttlebug A plate.
Now place the two folded peices of A4 card on top of the Cuttlebug A plate.
Place your Magnetic Aperture Mat inside the greeting card blank and then place the nestabilities Die (cutting edge upwards) onto the magnetic Aperture Mat (BLACK SIDE ) where you want the aperture to be. Once you have done this place your card with the aperture mat on top of the two peices of A4 card.
Now place your two Cuttlebug B plates on top of your greeting card blank and your sandwich is complete.
Run your sandwich through your Cuttlebug and you will have the perfect aperture card with hardly any or no mark on the back.

Smiles, Robert Gordon and Harry.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Sorry for the long gap in blogging folks.

Yep im really sorry for not blogging for ages but it has been a hectic time here what with weddings, funerals, stock taking, papercraft show season and going on the telly and all the stuff life chucks at you now and again to keep you on your toes we just havnt had a minute but we love it that way.

I thought i would throw on a couple of pics to let you catch up so here goes.

Here are some of the girls who come and play at the ATC club we hold on the last friday of the month. The club is free and you just bring all your own things with you and learn and share new ideas and techniques from each other and make new friends too.The next club get together is Friday 27th November and starts at 12.00 in the afternoon and finishes around 4.00ish. So if you would like to come along and have some fun and make some great friends you are more than welcome, OH and we also keep you supplied with tea coffee and biscuits throughout the afternoon too.

That same evening we went and called at my brother and sister in laws house to see how married life was treating them and they were having a halloween eve party (or were they haha). As you can see i never needed a costume i always look scarey.

That weekend was spent trying to get as many samples as possible ready for Ideal World on Monday 2nd November and can i just say another thank you to our design team girls who were just fab with getting as much done as they could in such a short time Di,Jean,Pauline,Sandra and Julie you are little stars and we love you Thank You All So Much.

After the TV it was time to get ready for the NEC and Thank you to everyone who came and bought from us we really do appreciate your support and were'nt Julies demonstrations fabulous. Harry and i looked after the shop while Gordon and the girls were at the NEC and we had a stock take and good clean up while we could.

Wednesday saw another one of my 3 dimensional nestabilities frame workshops and i dont think we stopped laughing all day i really enjoyed it girls and i must say you really all did so well and once you had got the first frames done there really was no stopping you all, even though four of you hadnt used wizards and cuttlebugs before and the frames you all made were stunning.

Today i have been experimenting with a new caught in crystal technique ive devised that isnt messy at all and looks fantastic i think better than the original method.

Heres a few pics but im afraid because of the glitzy quality of them the camera doesnt do them justice.

I call this caught in crystal technique the Klimpt Method because you work in triangles and other geometric shapes to build your layers up.

ordinary stamped image on right and Klimpt Method on left. It really does sparkle beautifully in real life.

Ordinary Stamped image on left and Klimpt Method image on the right It almost looks like stained glass.

And finally my newest rubber stamp design watercoloured on the left and Klimpt Method on the right.

Please tell me what you think of them and i will put others up as i make them and keep experimenting.

Smiles Robert Gordon and Harry