Saturday, 14 November 2009

Instructions for using our Universal Magnetic Mats With The Cuttlebug

Here are the instructions for using our aperture mats in your Cuttlebug.

For the Cuttlebug sandwich you will need.

Cuttlebug A plate.
2 peices of A4 card folded in half (this will act as your shim)
A5 or A6 greeting card blank.
Universal Magnetic Aperture Mat ( A5 or A6)
Nestabilities Die of your choice.
2 Cuttlebug B plates.

Starting at the bottom of the sandwich first place your Cuttlebug A plate.
Now place the two folded peices of A4 card on top of the Cuttlebug A plate.
Place your Magnetic Aperture Mat inside the greeting card blank and then place the nestabilities Die (cutting edge upwards) onto the magnetic Aperture Mat (BLACK SIDE ) where you want the aperture to be. Once you have done this place your card with the aperture mat on top of the two peices of A4 card.
Now place your two Cuttlebug B plates on top of your greeting card blank and your sandwich is complete.
Run your sandwich through your Cuttlebug and you will have the perfect aperture card with hardly any or no mark on the back.

Smiles, Robert Gordon and Harry.

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