Friday, 25 May 2012

Birds and wildlife of our new garden

baby starlings

Harrys friend ( not ! )


adult male pheasant


guess who ?

moorhen on bird table..would you believe it !

willow warbler

britains smallest bird : the tiny goldcrest
Hi everyone .
Today on a lighter note i have decided to let you see some of the wonderful wildlife in our new garden , one of the reasons why we love our new house ...we certainly did escape to the country. Being in the countryside with a river at the bottom of the garden certainly attracts the wildlife and i have been trying to take some pics for you to see . Last night we had rabbits on the driveway , an owl at the bottom of the garden and best of all we have a Cookoo who regularly visits the trees in the garden. Robert is also able to look at the blog on his iphone , so this too will cheer him up a little. You will notice an very unusual black creature with his Iggle Piggle toy , well this is of course our lovely little Harry gaurding his toys from those pesky birdies.Harry,s favourite tv show is called " In the night garden " He loves his new garden and is amazed at all the sights and sounds around him. I will try to keep up with the blog and i will let you all have another update on Robert shortly.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hi everyone.
I took these pics last night in hospital to show everyone that Robert is in high spirits . He is doing a daily journal in his own way about what is hapenning and how he feels each day . He is holding the first page he did and the other pic was to reflect and explain to the doctors the problems he is having with his feet and legs , they found this incredibly helpful and commented that wouldnt it be great if all patients could explain themselves in this way .
Robert had more news yesterday following his body scan for cancer . First all of all nothing else in the way of cancer has been found in his body , but they have detected something in his other lung which has them puzzled as they dont think it is cancer . They are operating on robert next week to take a sample of this mysterious thing they have found and then they will take things from there . Roberts doctors are very confident they can do a lot for Robert so things are looking much brighter today . Robert wanted me to show you he is doing ok and once again he sends his thanks to you all for your good wishes. Regards the business , we are now pressing ahead with our next venture on create and craft and i will have more details of this very soon . Regards to you all..Gordon

Saturday, 19 May 2012

shop hours

Please note that the shop hours are currently operating as follows :

10.30 am - 2pm

During this time our great team of girls are available to help you with placing orders and answering any questions you may have . Why not call in to see them and have a chat and a cuppa , they will make you feel most welcome.

Thank you.


Update on Robert

Hi everyone.

First of all a great big thank you to everyone who has expressed there good wishes to us at this awkward time . Robert has asked me to post a quick update on his situation. He is currently back in hospital in a specialist cancer ward awaiting some test results after a whole body scan to see if there any further signs of cancer hiding anywhere .
He has virtually lost the use of his legs due to the problems with his spine which we are told is a very rare and puzzling condition which is not helping.
If the test results are as we hope for ( if nothing else is found ), they will soon operate on Robert to remove the lung cancer and see how this afects his spine and the other things going on , with luck things may slowly begin to return to normal . This is a best case scenario which we are hopeful of .
Robert is out of pain and in excellent hands with a great team looking after him in the hospital.
We are both in a very positive frame of mind today .
You know i also have to mention the community nurses in our area where we live , they are a wonderful bunch of caring people and we owe them a lot of gratitude , they are simply wonderful in the help they have provided to Robert at home.
A great big thank you also to our wonderful team of girls who are looking after the business for us , what would we do without them i simply dont know , thank you !
Thats now for now , just to keep you all informed . As i say today we are very positive and in good spirits .
One last thing , our thoughts and best wishes go out to our friend Sandra whos lovely husband Tony is in a critical condition , Sandra all of our thoughts and love are with you at this time.

Gordon x