Saturday, 19 May 2012

Update on Robert

Hi everyone.

First of all a great big thank you to everyone who has expressed there good wishes to us at this awkward time . Robert has asked me to post a quick update on his situation. He is currently back in hospital in a specialist cancer ward awaiting some test results after a whole body scan to see if there any further signs of cancer hiding anywhere .
He has virtually lost the use of his legs due to the problems with his spine which we are told is a very rare and puzzling condition which is not helping.
If the test results are as we hope for ( if nothing else is found ), they will soon operate on Robert to remove the lung cancer and see how this afects his spine and the other things going on , with luck things may slowly begin to return to normal . This is a best case scenario which we are hopeful of .
Robert is out of pain and in excellent hands with a great team looking after him in the hospital.
We are both in a very positive frame of mind today .
You know i also have to mention the community nurses in our area where we live , they are a wonderful bunch of caring people and we owe them a lot of gratitude , they are simply wonderful in the help they have provided to Robert at home.
A great big thank you also to our wonderful team of girls who are looking after the business for us , what would we do without them i simply dont know , thank you !
Thats now for now , just to keep you all informed . As i say today we are very positive and in good spirits .
One last thing , our thoughts and best wishes go out to our friend Sandra whos lovely husband Tony is in a critical condition , Sandra all of our thoughts and love are with you at this time.

Gordon x


  1. Holding you both in my thoughts, positive vibes heading your way.

  2. You are both in my thoughts and prayers

  3. Thank you for the update. Best wishes to you both - keep strong.

  4. Dearey, dearey me. I really dont know what to say to you both - except Love,Hugs & Prayers to you both and all of your little helpers army. Sincere wishes that you're fighting fit again very soon

  5. Hi Gordon and Robert,
    All our good wishes go to you both and let's be optimistic and hope all the results have good news.
    Love and best wishes to you both.
    XX Sheila & Richard Howells. xx

  6. Thank you for updating us Gordon.
    I am so sorry to hear you are going through all this Robert. Waiting for test results is so traumatic, but try and stay strong - you are in the best possible hands.
    I'm sending big hugs to you and Gordon, and wishing you well again soon.
    Wendy (from Essex)

  7. Take care both of you,you,re very special people,thinking of you at this horrible time love and hugs michellex

  8. have been checking the blog regularly for updaate - thoughts and prayers are with you both - stay positive - hugs Jean xx

  9. OMG ... just read the blog and been updated ... one of my ex-pupils told me to check in on you two ... Lots of love, hugs and positve wishes being sent your way from SA ...will keep checking back to hear of the progress xxx J

  10. Gordon
    Please give Rob our best wishes.

    Fred and Carol

  11. Thank you for the update Gordon try to stay strong hugs and best wishes to you all chin up robert Luv Sue x