Monday, 31 January 2011

What a Brilliant Week

Well its been just over a week since my last post and Gordon is coming on with leaps and bounds ( must be my cooking haha ).
Last Monday our mate Tim took Gordon to the bank as he wanted to get the accounts up to date etc and they were out for 5 hours in the end.
Tim took Gordon for a coffee after then they did some shopping and went to have a look around some car show rooms as Tim and Gordon are car mad.
I was really good and only phoned them twice just to make sure everything was ok and i was doing little dances all around the kitchen ( not a sight you want to see believe me ) because i was so happy.
Tuesday was my day off so we took Harry for a walk in the park and just had a lazy day .
Gordon took it easy for the next couple of days and then on Saturday decided he wanted to come to the shop for a while.
He was amazed by the work the girls and myself have done while he hasnt been there.
We have totally changed the workshop area, re vamped the stock room and office and made a few changes in the kitchen as well. He couldnt believe it wa s the same place.
All the customers were really pleased to see him and made a big fuss of him and he and Glenys were swapping near death experience stories ( so strange how they both had more or less the same experience ).
I cant believe how amazingly fast he is recovering and we are all just so really really happy.
Today we had a letter from the hospital explaining what had happened to Gordon and they dont want to see him until March and really dont think he has anything to worry about as they think this was just a one off occurrence and there was no sign of anything else showing up in the scans.
Gordon is coming with me next weekend to the Papercraft Show at Stevenage ( just to show me how to set the stand up and then he is being sent to the restaraunt with a few magazines and a cuppa ) so if you are around do come and say hello.
Myself and Sandra will be on the stand and maybe Tim or Jean.
I have some great demo's lined up and am looking forward to going as its been a while since i was at the Stevenage show.
Dont forget to look at all the new spellbinders dies on the web shop they should be arriving late February into March they are all fabby and i cant wait to play.
Right ive yacked on enough for one post.
Thanks everyone for stopping by and i will post after the Stevenage show and will take some photo"s for you to see how Gordon is doing.
Love and Smiles Rob Gordon and Harry xxx

Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Little Stronger Every Day

Hello everyone
The picture above is of Gordon and Harry today on our first walk since he has been back at home.
As you can see he is looking really well and is slowly getting stronger.
Harry has got a mouth full of pine-cones which he loves collecting for some reason.
We walked about a mile today and then came home had dinner and relaxed.
We have slowly weaned out Gordons pain killers and he has only had one since Friday which is fantastic.
He is just taking things easy still and is being a really good patient.
I bring him all the post home every day from work and he goes through all that and then tells me what to do about it for the following day so that way he still feels part of the shop even though he isnt there.
I have just about caught up with the ironing and have become best friends with my slow cooker ( could not have done without it )
The most important tablets Gordon has been on will stop on Wednesday and that means no more waking up at 2.00 am and 6.00 am so we are both really looking forward to that as you can imagine.
Harry is entertainments manager and is always doing something to make us laugh and he is being so good around Gordon and sits with him for hours with his little head resting on his lap.
So all is looking good and in three weeks time you and i will be just as likely as Gordon to get an aneurysm and he will be completely out of danger.
I still have moments when i look back and think what might have happened, but am now concentrating on the future and our civil ceromony later on in the year ( i have coaxed Gordon into us both wearing traditional Scottish dress for the big day and he said thats fine as long as i dont wear fishnet stockings under my kilt haha ).
Harry will be wearing a tartan bow tie for the occasion and will be our little page boy.
So that is how our week has gone and i will write again soon and keep you all informed on Gordons progress.
Thank you all so much for your support, love, cards and kind words.
We love each and every one of you and you have kept us going .
Rob Gordon and Harry xxxxxx

Monday, 17 January 2011

Step by Step

Hello Everybody.
I was so glad Gordon blogged you all last night he really is so moved by all your kind and supporting words as i am too.
I have managed to work out his tablets so that he does not have any pain in his back or head any more so thats great.
We have got used to the getting up at strange hours to administer the medication ( i just find it hard to go back to sleep straight away but am sure i will do soon and its only for another 10 days )
Today i was really brave and left Gordon for 5 hours with Harry while i went to see his doctor and do some other stuff and then went and processed the orders at the shop. I phoned him hourly and i think Gordon enjoyed just having some quiet time ( he says i worry to much ).
The Nurse who visited him today said this was a good thing we did as we should try and get back to normal as soon as we can, and she is really pleased with Gordons progress.
When i got home he was looking fine and was just relaxing watching t.v.
I cant beleive that it will be two weeks tomorrow when this story could have ended so differently.
I am going to have a few days off blogging now as i have loads of ironing and other chores to do and im going to have a little rest too.
I will keep you all up to date on how we are all doing at least once or twice a week and also whats going on in the shop.
Once again thank you everyone for your support and friendship through all this we love you all.
Smiles from Rob Gordon and Harry ( all back together again ) xxxx

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Thank You Everyone From Gordon

Hi everyone

I have just managed to have a look at all of your comforting comments and i would just like to take this chance to thank you all. Its great to know in times of trouble that there are so many great feelings out there towards you , i am very humbled .
Of course my special thanks and love goes out to to Robert , who as i am sure you will have seen , has been with me all the way and been a remarkable partner , nurse and organiser and everything you can imagine , he has been through hell and more taking me from deaths door and back .Robert is a remarkable person
A special thanks too goes to all the ladies who have helped Robert keep the business going during this time .
This teaches all of us a very valuable lesson , our time here is very precious as we never know when anything like this will happen randomely to any of us just out of the blue with no warning.
I have been given more time i guess , very very lucky indeed .
Again i cannot praise enough all of ther staff in the neurology unit at Queens Medical Centre , Nottingham , quite a remarkable bunch of people from the porters , cleaners , nurses , doctors , surgeons etc , you people are beyond words in what anyone can say about you . You brought me though my eleven days there with nothing but kindness .
Lastly , i firmly believe another pair of hands were at work and brought me though this and as a result of my experience when i briefly left this world i no longer fear death , there is something else , i dont know what it is , but i experienced something and it was nothing frightening at all , quite the opposite a very calming experience for those few minutes .
I am so very pleased to still be here to tell my story and to be able to thank everyone around me
Love to you all.


Saturday, 15 January 2011

Gordons First Day Back At Home.

Hi All.
Oh what a night as the song goes .
I got Gordon into bed at around 12.30 am as he hasnt been sleeping much at night in the hospital because of all the noises other patients and equipment make ( and i think you become more anxious at night in hospitals when the lights dim down ).
I tried getting him comfy but we werent having much luck so i decided to go downstairs and do 10 minute checks on him.
This carried on for nearly an hour and the last time i checked he had gone to sleep.
I felt really sorry for him as i had to wake him up at 2.00am for to give him his medication so he only slept for half an hour and was in pain again so i suggested he try the reclining settee downstairs as it may be more comfy than lying flat.
Well it worked a treat and he was off to sleep by 3.00am.
I decided to forget about crafting as i didnt relise how tired i was either so just i made a bed up on the floor and sort of slept with one ear open if that makes sense.
6.00 am and time for more medication but he was in no pain at all and we both went back to sleep until 10.00 until his next tablets were due.
Still no pain and he said the settee was really comfy so thats where hes sleeping for a while.
His Mom and Brother were coming at mid day so when we had got ourselves together i asked if he would be ok if i ran up to the shop to get some things to make his mom and his brother sandwiches for their journey back home this evening he was fine with it ( i was scared to death ).
Oh i ran up to that shop got all i needed and was back in the house in 7 minutes flat and tried not to look to out of breath when i walked in.
Gordon had the broom in hand and was sweeping the hallway so i said when he had finished that he could tidy the bathroom and do the work surfaces in the kitchen while i got the lounge straightened. I was really proud of him.
When his family arrived i had a cuppa and a natter with them and then his brother took me to the shop for a couple of hours so that i could help the girls.
Di had bought us two V shaped pillows and a pill organiser (wonderful thanks Di ) and stayed on for a while to help Jean and i as we were quite busy.
Jean bought me home (thanks Jean ) and came and had a chat with Gord and his family i think she was amazed by how good he is looking.
Gords family left at tea time and we wished them a safe journey and by this time he was tired so i let him nap for a good hour.
He has had no pain and has been comfy all day and really has improved i this short time it is amazing.
We have had a nice chilled out evening just chatting and laughing and i am not scared now when i go into the kitchen to make a cuppa worrying if he is ok in the lounge like i was this morning and kept looking through the door to check.
We have had some more good news Harry is coming back tomorrow morning now and we cant wait.
Gordon is going to have a go at reading the blog tomorow and if hes up to it wants to write tomorrows entry.
Thanks for popping by everyone and for your kind words and support.
Also a big thank you to our Karen from the shop who is representing us on Ideal World Create and Craft tonmorrow at 12.00 mid day demonstrating the Scor-Buddy.
Karen we shall be watching and will blow you a kiss or two we love you loads.
See you all tomorrow
Love and Smiles Robert and Gordon xxxxxxxx and some for Harry xxxxxx

Friday, 14 January 2011

Welcome Home Gordon.

Hello everyone.
Imagine my surprise and my smile when i walked into the hospital this evening to be told Gordon could come home tonight.
Its really strange as i wasnt going to take his clothes in until tomorrow as i hadnt had a phone call this morning but they had only decided at 5.00 this afternoon .
Gordons Mom and his brother came in soon afterwards for their second visit of the day just after he had got himself dressed.
There were hugs kisses and a few tears all round and it was fab to see them.
I went and had a word with the nurse about Gords medication and what he can and cant do thanked them all from the bottom of our hearts for all they have done.
We then got Gordons things together and came home ( i think we were both grinning like Cheshire cats all the way ).
So i have now settled him in and he says he feels much better already.
I have to wake him up at 2.00am and 6.00 am to give him his medication but this will only be for the next ten days and i used to do this in my previous job so its no problem for me.
I will probably stay awake after the 2.00 one till 6.00 and do a bit of crafting tonight as i have an idea for a wall hanging i was working on and couldnt quite figure out where i was going with it and now a PING of inspiration has just happened.
Little Harry is coming home on Monday morning and we both cant wait to have him home again.
Right im going to make the bed all comfy for his lordship now and then im sure we will both drop off to sleep till 2.00am.
Thanks everyone for helping me through all this and i will post again tomorrow and let you know how his first day at home went.
Love and Smiles to you all.
And a special kiss or two to Harry from both of his dads.xxxxxxx
Rob and Gordon xxxxxx

Thursday, 13 January 2011

More Good News

Gordon is even brighter tonight and his headache has almost disappeared he is even off the morphine spray so i am praying now that this is the start of his recovery.
The Nurse told me that the doctors are really pleased with his progress and that once his sodium levels are balanced he can come home HOORRRRREYYYYYYY.
This could even happen in the next three days and as you can imagine Gordon cant wait.
I know he will get stronger at home with Harry and me as although it is a special ward for really poorly people it is still quite noisy and he can be as quiet as he wants at home.
I am so happy that this has had a happy ending because we have met families this week where the ending hasnt been happy and my heart goes out to them all.
Gordons mom will have a lovely surprise when she sees how well he is doing and i cant wait to give her a big hug and a kiss tomorrow.
I cant wait to get my two boys back home the house is so empty without them.
The Girls and i have re arranged the shop a bit over the last two days and i had my first solo business meeting today and was really proud of myself as i think i got my points across to them very well and everything went great.
I have had help from Ideal world getting things ready and signing forms for Karen to do the Toolshop programme on Sunday where she will be demonstrating the Scor--Buddy and they also have the No more Shims mat and the Stay-Put no slip craft mat on from us too.
I have done all the banking and ordering too and i think Gordon will be really proud of me .
I am so tired tonight i think everything is catching up with me tonight and i have also had a great adrenaline rush all evening.
So i am off to bed now and hope i sleep for ten hours.
Thanks again for your kind thoughts and cards you have all been so supportive and have kept me going through this awful time.
I will write again tomorrow .
Love and Smiles Rob xxxxxx

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

What A Difference A Day Made

Hellooooooo All
I am on cloud nine ten and bloomin eleven as when I got to the hospital tonight Gordon was sitting in his chair talking to the patient in the next bed.
He gave me a big grin when he saw me and i was grinning too ( not a pretty site with my big mouth all those teeth haha ).
He had eaten his breakfast, lunch and evening meal was back to being Gordon.
He let me give him a wet shave and i gently gave his hair a brush and i must admit he really did scrub up well and looked even more like himself.
We stayed for three hours until he said he felt tired and so i helped him get comfy on his bed and left him to relax.
The surgeons reckon it was a spontanious aneurysm which i think means it just shot up like a firework on its own rather than being part of anything more sinister.
He has been told with this kind that yes he could have another one but also he may not so instead of worrying about it to go on living the life he still has and enjoy living.
And thats exactly what we both intend to do.
Its going to be quite a while before he is one hundred per cent but thats ok hes in good hands.
Our friend Tim who takes me to the hospital every night have just had a chinese take away with a glass of wine to celebrate today.
Im not getting too excited as i know he could be on a downer again tomorrow but i couldnt help having a little celebration.
Once again thank you all for your kind wishes and i dont think it will be long before Gordon sees them and thank you to those people who have sent cards to the shop for us, i will be putting these up at home for when he comes home as he cant have cards or flowers in his ward.
I have also learnt more new things at the shop today on the buisiness side so i think he will be shocked when he sees what i can do now.
Speak to you all tomorrow.
Love and Smiles Rob xxxxx

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

One week on Already.

I just cant believe a week has gone by so quickly and the best thing is Gordon is still here.
He is a tiny bit stronger today and has got a bit of a snappy head on.
I couldnt do right for doing wrong and i said to him "Well Hello Mr Grumpy they say its a good sign when the patient starts to moan".
He gave me a little smile then and blamed the morphine spray.
I stayed with him for just over an hour then he started getting sleepy so we said night night and i came home.
I keep smiling tonight because he was so funny wagging his finger at me and blaming me for his pillows being uncomfortable to his dinner smelling horrible (it didnt by the way and he wouldnt touch it ).
When i look back to how this was playing out last week i am in awe of the change in him tonight.
I am quite pleased with myself too as ive stayed calm and tried to carry on with a good outlook which isnt usually me at times like this.
I have never done any of the buisiness side but have been thrown in at the deep end and with the help of the girls at the shop we seem to be doing ok finding where we pay this and how do we order that so thanks again girls i love you all like you are my own sisters.
Tonight i have finally worked out how to work the message machine on the telephone at home and have a weeks worth of phone calls to catch up with so i am sorry to everyone who thought i was ignoring them i will be in touch tonight or tomorrow.
I want to thank everyone again who has sent comments here they really do keep me going and i will photo copy them all and leave them with all the others ( in Gords locker ) for Gordon to read when he is up to it.
Am going to catch up with some of those phone calls now.
See you all tomorrow.
Love and smiles Rob xxx and some kisses for my two boys as well xxxxxx

Monday, 10 January 2011

Slowly but Surely

Hello All and im sorry im a bit late posting.

Went to shop first thing and helped the girls as well as i could ( i cant tell them what to do as they can run everything with their eyes blindfolded but i took hot sausage rolls in and chocolate digestives so at least they love me for that )
On the way to the hospital later on we dropped off at Clairs craft workshop where i spend my Mondays ussually and have the most fantastic times. If you dont know who Clair is well you have not lived she is the multi talented lass who used to run the card fairy and is great friends with Tim Holtz and Micheal De Meng and i feel so FANTASTIC when i attend her classes on a Monday as that is my arty day and she sure teaches me some amazing things.
It was great to see all the other students too as we have beecome like family and thanks girls for your hugs and kisses i really needed them.Also Carol i love my belated xmas present and can understand why i nearly didnt get it.
Gordon was a little better today and was able to speak to us a lot more and asked us to get him some fresh orange juice ( hey thats a big thing since he hasnt fancied anything for two days )
Later on he ate nearly a whole peice of breaded cod and a he did finish off a tub of ice cream )
His M I R scan has shown there is nothing to worry about so it is just the bruising to his head that is the trouble.
I asked how to describe this to a person like me who has really has no time for big long words ( i have to be honest and tell you all long words bloody scare me)
So if you can imagine that a huge wave of blood has entered Gordons inner skull with a massive force and has hit the roof of his skull which does not expand, it has caused a great big bruise 100 times bigger and painful than a bruise that we are used to in everyday life.
So his head will ache for days ( maybe weeks ) now but he will get better as the bruise eases.
Thats the way i have asked it to be explained as big words sound scarey to me and i would rather have it told in words i understand and thank you surgeons for telling me like it is.
Gordons mom is coming down on Friday evening from Scotland and i want him to be stronger for when she comes .
It must be awefull to be so far away from your son when all you want to do is hug and kiss him and we really want him to be strong for the day she arrives so i am just going in for an hour a day so that he can get plenty of rest.
I have been and got him 2 new pairs of pyjamas and a new electric razor so that we can have him back to his handsome self when she arrives.
I had a wonderful time when i got home as Eileen who used to work for us phoned me and we had a great chat,
Then my sister Margaret and then my sister Anne,
Thanks you three i didnt realise it was almost 1.00am in the morning when i finally got off the phone but boy oh boy you sure all cheered me up.
Thank you everybody who have left messages and i will copy them and put them with all the others for Gordon to see when he is strong enough to read them.
Im going to roll into bed now and will write again tomorrow.
Love and smiles Rob xxxx ( kisses to Harry too XXX )

Sunday, 9 January 2011

You Gotta Have Friends

Hello everyone
I phoned the hospital this morning and theres been not much change from yesterday and Gordon is very tired.
I asked if anyone thought i was being thoughtless if i didnt get to the hospital till around 5.00 ish so as to give him time to rest and was told that if everybody did that patients would get better much quicker so that made me feel a lot better.
The nurse said she would let him know and phone me back to tell me to come earlier if he wanted me too.
Tim one of my great friends took me to the shop this morning and had to learn how to look after thew shop while i was oing the orders.
It was so funny as he had never used a till before and i am not the worlds best at it either talk about the blind leading the blind and we ended up charging one lady £37,000000 for two items.
We all laughrd so much it did me good.
Arrived at the hospital and Gordon was asleep but woke up not long after we arrived.
He has had the results from the MRI and told me they had found nothing obvious but were going to have another look at the scans and come and see us tomorrow.
Although he is still in lots of pain with his head he did manage a few spoonfuls of pineapple and half a tub of ice cream so thats a good sign.
I havnt really cried much but i did a little today as i was looking at him i just felt so helpless as i cant take his pain away i would give anything to see his smiling face just for a few seconds.
The nurses are wonderful with him and everyone else in the ward and i just want to say to Ikbhal and his wife in the next bed from Gordon all the best as they are moving to another hospital tonight and have become great friends.
We left Gordon sleeping and came home and Claire who is Tims girlfriend Matt and Lizzie who live down the road came round and they really cheered me up and i realise now just how wonderful it is to have friends.
We dont live in each others pockets and may not see each other for weeks but one of us is in trouble of any kind we help each other.
Thanks You Guys i LOVE YA.
I told them i had to write my blog and they are all sitting in the living room watching tv and chatting until i return (no Problem they said ).
Hope i have better news for you tomorrow.
Thank you all so much for being our friends on here too as its like having an extended family looking after us as well and i will keep photo copying all your messages to take to gordon ( i cant wait to see his face when he is able to read them.
I will sign off now for tonight.
Love and smiles Rob xxxxxxxx

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Gordons on a downer today

Hello Everyone.
Went to the shop first today and helped the girls a bit by getting most of the orders processed.
Thanks so much to you all girls i dont know what we would do without you all and we really do appreciate all you are doing for us at the moment as we know the shop couldnt be in safer hands.
Anne my sister thought it was all amazing.

Gordon was not so good when we got to the hospital he had a real bad headache and was feeling nauseous after the M I R scan last night ( or maybe the realisation of his proposal to me haha).
We wont know the outcome of the scan until either late tomorrow or maybe Monday as it is a skeleton staff at weekends still Gordon said no news is good news when you have a bad head.
We only stayed for a short while as i know he needed some rest and i want him to get stronger.
He was really upset that he couldnt talk to my sister more but she understands and is coming up again soon.
On our second visit about five hours later he was still tired but much more alert and the headache was not so severe.
The highlight of the evening was watching him walk to the toilet and back all in around 5 minutes, so i knew then that he is getting stronger.
I know every day is going to throw more challenges at us and that he is going to have bad days as well as good ones but i hated seeing him look so defeated this morning but i know he will get stronger as the weeks pass.
Thank you all so much for your wonderful messages I printed them off and have left them in Gordons locker so that he can read them when he feels up to it as i know they will make him feel a lot better when he sees how much he is loved by everyone.
I will write again tomorrow as this is helping me so much to let things out and share whats going on with you all.
I will be going to the shop in the morning to finish off all the orders before i go to the hospital and will post them all out first thing Monday.
Thanks again for all your support and Good thoughts.
Love and smiles Rob xxx
P.S Harry i am missing you so much too hope you are being good for aunty Michelle xxx

Friday, 7 January 2011

Gordons Progress and a Romantic Surprise For Me

Hello all
Phoned the hospital this morning and they said Gordon slept really well (so did i by the way a whole 8 hours ) and was having a wash and looking good.
They also said they have taken him off emergency care and that i now dont have to go in until ordinary visiting times so thats great news.
I went to the shop with Anthea this morning and Karen was there too and because it was snowing we werent too busy so we caught up and had a good natter.
Ali Iain and Andrea from Ali Crafts popped in as they were passing this way and it was great to see them and were so shocked about Gordon as they hadnt heard. But it was lovely to see them and we had a good natter for an hour or so.
I left the shop around lunch time and went to see Gordon he has to wait in a long queue now for his M R I scan as he is off the critical list so may not get it till tomorrow but we dont mind that we are just greatful for what has happened so far and can wait till next week if we have to.
Gordon was sitting in a chair when we arrived and had walked to the toilet ( which took him half an hour to get to )and washed and shaved himself (which took another hour ) and the nurses all clapped him when he got back to his bed, i am just so proud of him.
He is back to being himself again and has befriended all the other patients relatives too.
Before i left i went and got him some magazines as he wanted to have a read and as i was leaving
he said to me I Think we should have one of those Civil Services this year Rob.
I said ... Oh Gordon that is the most romantic proposal ive ever heard and the answer is YES.
I laughed about it all the way home.
Later Gordon phoned me to tell me he has had his M I R scan and we will know the results tomorrow.
He was in it for 30 minutes and he said it was really frightening as it makes loud banging noises like a world war two film and you are strapped in and cant move.
It has made him feel tired and worn him out so hes asleep now i should imagine.
I have had another lovely surprise as my sister has come up until tomorrow so we are going to have a good natter this evening and she will see the shop tomorrow for the first time and then we will go and see Gordon.
So thats about it for today and thank you all for your kind words and Gordon sends everyone his best wishes and love.
Will let you know tomorrow about what the MIR scan results are.
Love and smiles Rob Gord and Harry xxx

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Gordon Update

Hello everyone.
Gordon went for his operation at 9.30am and was gone for three and a half hours.
DO you beleive in miracles because what i am going to tell you all now just has to be one.
The surgeon could not find the aneurism it had simply disappeared from anywhere on his brain.
The only explanation the surgeon could give was that because of the amount of blood that had exploded over the wall of the brain a few droplets had fallen onto the brain and had formed the shape of an aneurism. He is amazed by this.
He has told Gordon that he is out of danger and he will just be kept on stroke observation for 24 hours because of the way that the keyhole surgery is perfomed.
Tomorrow they are going to do an M.R.I scan on him to try and find the cause of the aneurism that caused the bleed on Tuesday so again as soon as i get home tomorrow i will let you all know.
Twenty minutes after he returned onto the ward Gordon was tucking into sandwiches yoghurt and crisps and a cornetto icecream ( he loves ice cream ) and was yacking away to us all just like his usual self.
I never slept a wink last night and i dont think Gordon did either so tonight we have promised each other that we will sleep like logs.
Lasy night i was not expecting a good outcome and i think i spent most of the night sitting in the kitchen just filled with fear and numbness.
Tonight i am still sitting in the kitchen but with a heart full of hope and just crying with happiness and relief and i know i will sleep.
Thank you everyone who sent messages of support i am going to read them all now but wanted to let you all know the great news first.
Love and Smiles Rob Gordon and Harry ( who is with his aunty Michelles) xxx

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Please Keep Gordon in Your Thoughts Tomorrow.

Just to let you all know
Last night at 6.00 pm Gordon was rushed into hospital where after a scan he was diagnosed with having an ambulism which had bled into his brain.
After this he stopped breathing and had to be resusitated which i watched just standing there feeling as if i was in an awefull nightmare.
Iwas then taken into a little room and was told to prepare myself for the worse and Gordon was being aneathetisded and taken to another hospital for an emergency operation but may die on the way or in surgery.
Ialso had Harry to worry about as he had been alone for seven hours so manage dto get in touch with a good friend who came and got me picked up Harry and some things of Gordons and drove me to the other hospital.
Imagie our surprise to find him awake with colour back in his cheeks and talking although slurry even the surgeon was gobsmacked.
They decided not to operate but to keep him under observation and do more scans.
They found he has another ambulism (im probably spelling that wrong sorry) which is 2 centimetres long and in a hard place to get to operate on.
He has been given three choices.
1 keyhole surgery where thew surgeon will insert things into his leg up to his brain and try to wire the blood vessel (like winding a peice of twine around a balloon to fasten it.
This will stop a stroke occuring.
2 if that isnt successful he will operate through the back of Gordons head and try to seal the blood vessel which after a 24 hour wait will stop him having a stroke but he could have one in that 24 hour period.
If this doesnt work and the surgeon accidently punctures it this will also cause a stroke.
3 Just do nothing but expect a stroke or death.
Obviously he has gone for options 1 and 2.
Gordon is in good spirits and we have said that no matter what happens tomorrow we will get through it and we will be even stronger.
His Operation is at 8.00 tomorrow morning and i will be with him before he goes in and there when he comes out.
So please please keep Gordon in your thoughts tomorrow and i will let you know the outcome tomorrow night when i get home.
The photo of Gordon was taken on Sunday at Bakewell and Monday was our 18th aniversary of being together.
Thank you for reading this.
Love and hope Rob xxx

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone.
Just a quick note to wish all our customers friends and everyone who visits the blog,
A Very Very Happy New Year from all of us at Once Upon A Stamp.
We hope to bring you more new products to play with this year and we are getting our heads together for some fabby workshops and open days starting in March.
Thank you so much for shopping with us and spreading the word we really do appreciate it.
Smiles Rob Gordon and Harry (who had his first bath of the year today because he rolled in horse poo on his walk in the countryside.)