Tuesday, 11 January 2011

One week on Already.

I just cant believe a week has gone by so quickly and the best thing is Gordon is still here.
He is a tiny bit stronger today and has got a bit of a snappy head on.
I couldnt do right for doing wrong and i said to him "Well Hello Mr Grumpy they say its a good sign when the patient starts to moan".
He gave me a little smile then and blamed the morphine spray.
I stayed with him for just over an hour then he started getting sleepy so we said night night and i came home.
I keep smiling tonight because he was so funny wagging his finger at me and blaming me for his pillows being uncomfortable to his dinner smelling horrible (it didnt by the way and he wouldnt touch it ).
When i look back to how this was playing out last week i am in awe of the change in him tonight.
I am quite pleased with myself too as ive stayed calm and tried to carry on with a good outlook which isnt usually me at times like this.
I have never done any of the buisiness side but have been thrown in at the deep end and with the help of the girls at the shop we seem to be doing ok finding where we pay this and how do we order that so thanks again girls i love you all like you are my own sisters.
Tonight i have finally worked out how to work the message machine on the telephone at home and have a weeks worth of phone calls to catch up with so i am sorry to everyone who thought i was ignoring them i will be in touch tonight or tomorrow.
I want to thank everyone again who has sent comments here they really do keep me going and i will photo copy them all and leave them with all the others ( in Gords locker ) for Gordon to read when he is up to it.
Am going to catch up with some of those phone calls now.
See you all tomorrow.
Love and smiles Rob xxx and some kisses for my two boys as well xxxxxx


  1. You must take some time out for youeself Rob and try and rest.

    Its true what the old saying says...time is a great healer......Gordon loves you Rob he¬s marrying you !! Just remind him of that when he`s grumpy....

    hugs Diane xx

  2. Hi Rob
    So pleased all is beginning to look good I can see that finger wagging at you so Gordon must be feeling a little better in himself.
    Lovely to talk with you and also to see on the blog that you are back at Clair,s workshops what fun.I hope she is well and happy because she deserves to be.
    Talk again soon Love to you both and to Harry when you see him
    Love and hugs Eileen xx

  3. Can't believe it's been a week! Hope he's not Mr Grumpy when you visit tomorrow LOL, and I pray that he'll be able to go home soon.
    Gordon, if you read this, behave yourself and get well so you can stop being Mr Grumpy and be Mr Romantic and get things moving and organised :)

  4. Glad to hear Gordon continues to improve and well done you for staying calm and postitive.

    Thinking of you both
    Love and hugs
    Sonja x

  5. So glad to hear Gordon's feeling a little better and snappiness (is that a word?!) is most definitely a good sign.
    Hoping to hear of more improvements soon.

  6. Hi Rob, ah bless him on the moaning , yes and they say they always take it out on the one they love , so if you can take it as a compliment ha ha ha ha
    Im so pleased Gordon is doing ok ,
    love to you both and harry
    ps we get our baby tomorrow she is being called Rosie , just thought it would make you smile

  7. Hi Robert do not worry re Gordon being grumpy it is the morphene and you are still in everybodys thoughts even though Gordon has made such an amazing recovery up to now heres hoping he will be home and back to his normal self very very soon keep up the good work with the visiting and the shop take care luv Sue x

  8. Hi Rob,

    You are so funny. Knowing both you and Gordon in person I can just see the two of you and hear your voice as I'm reading your blog. It's lovely to hear Gordon is improving. It's funny how it takes something like this for you to realise how much you mean to each other. Apart from my stroke last November, my wonderful husband of 32 years had a stroke out of the blue several years ago. I took him to casualty and forced him through the doors because he thought I was making a fuss over nothing to be then told 5 hours later that he was in danger of having a major stroke and he could not leave hospital!! He made a full recovery and just has to take medication for blood pressure although a more laid back man you would be hard to find.

    Make sure you are looking after YOU Rob as Gordon will need you to be in good health when he comes home.

    As for the business side of things it's amazing what you can do when you need to LOL.

    Take care.Hugs to you, Gordon & Harry



  9. Hi rob first well done you learning the ropes, and second you are dealing with everything so calmly, i hope harry fine i bet hes missing you both, we came sunday but the shop was closed must call again cos i want to see if you got the martha stewart punch , so plz take care love to you both sally from pleasley carboot x