Saturday, 15 January 2011

Gordons First Day Back At Home.

Hi All.
Oh what a night as the song goes .
I got Gordon into bed at around 12.30 am as he hasnt been sleeping much at night in the hospital because of all the noises other patients and equipment make ( and i think you become more anxious at night in hospitals when the lights dim down ).
I tried getting him comfy but we werent having much luck so i decided to go downstairs and do 10 minute checks on him.
This carried on for nearly an hour and the last time i checked he had gone to sleep.
I felt really sorry for him as i had to wake him up at 2.00am for to give him his medication so he only slept for half an hour and was in pain again so i suggested he try the reclining settee downstairs as it may be more comfy than lying flat.
Well it worked a treat and he was off to sleep by 3.00am.
I decided to forget about crafting as i didnt relise how tired i was either so just i made a bed up on the floor and sort of slept with one ear open if that makes sense.
6.00 am and time for more medication but he was in no pain at all and we both went back to sleep until 10.00 until his next tablets were due.
Still no pain and he said the settee was really comfy so thats where hes sleeping for a while.
His Mom and Brother were coming at mid day so when we had got ourselves together i asked if he would be ok if i ran up to the shop to get some things to make his mom and his brother sandwiches for their journey back home this evening he was fine with it ( i was scared to death ).
Oh i ran up to that shop got all i needed and was back in the house in 7 minutes flat and tried not to look to out of breath when i walked in.
Gordon had the broom in hand and was sweeping the hallway so i said when he had finished that he could tidy the bathroom and do the work surfaces in the kitchen while i got the lounge straightened. I was really proud of him.
When his family arrived i had a cuppa and a natter with them and then his brother took me to the shop for a couple of hours so that i could help the girls.
Di had bought us two V shaped pillows and a pill organiser (wonderful thanks Di ) and stayed on for a while to help Jean and i as we were quite busy.
Jean bought me home (thanks Jean ) and came and had a chat with Gord and his family i think she was amazed by how good he is looking.
Gords family left at tea time and we wished them a safe journey and by this time he was tired so i let him nap for a good hour.
He has had no pain and has been comfy all day and really has improved i this short time it is amazing.
We have had a nice chilled out evening just chatting and laughing and i am not scared now when i go into the kitchen to make a cuppa worrying if he is ok in the lounge like i was this morning and kept looking through the door to check.
We have had some more good news Harry is coming back tomorrow morning now and we cant wait.
Gordon is going to have a go at reading the blog tomorow and if hes up to it wants to write tomorrows entry.
Thanks for popping by everyone and for your kind words and support.
Also a big thank you to our Karen from the shop who is representing us on Ideal World Create and Craft tonmorrow at 12.00 mid day demonstrating the Scor-Buddy.
Karen we shall be watching and will blow you a kiss or two we love you loads.
See you all tomorrow
Love and Smiles Robert and Gordon xxxxxxxx and some for Harry xxxxxx


  1. Every day is a day forward, but enjoy each day as it comes.....Both of you will need your energy when Harry arrives home !!

    hugs to you all,

    Diane xx

  2. Good to hear Gordon is progressing well. I will be tuning in to give Karen my support on C&C tomorrow. I love my score buddy - so handy!

  3. Way to go Gordon, keep improving but don't overdo the work yet.
    Claire xxxx

  4. hi Robert and Gordon , this is great news im so pleased all is going well , its a massive thing you have both gone through , take care
    I bet you both cant wait to see Harry too
    love carol xx

  5. So glad Gordon's back home as I'm sure he will recover much more quickly there.
    Hope you have a good rest of weekend and don't forget to do some chilling out yourself Rob as I know how tiring it is worrying about someone who's ill.

  6. Hope you and Gordon had a restful night. Can't believe how well Gordon is doing, what a fighter. Pleased Harry is back today and that you can begin getting your lives back to normal. Will be watching Karen later. Hugs to all of you xx

  7. Oh I'm so pleased that Gordon has settled back at home and I'm sure he will improve much quicker now that he is back in such loving surrounds. How lovely Harry will be back to comple the family today. Keep the good improvement going Gordon and Rob you sem to be doing all the right things for him.
    Have a lovely day with Harry back to comlete youe family.
    Love and hugs
    Sheila xx

  8. So pleased to hear Gordon is home and on the mend. What thoughtful friends you have. The pill box is a great boon especially as time goes on takes the doubt out of have I taken them or not!!!
    Robert take a deep breath and live and enjoy today, to morrow will look after itself. It really does work I promise Love to you both Val

  9. Brilliant so glad to hear how well Gordon is doing.

    Did make me giggle about your 7 minute trip to the shop, you must have been so worried leaving him I would've been.

    Lots of love and hugs

  10. welcome home Gordon. So pleased to hear you are improving all the time. Good friends are worth their worth in gold!!! My love to you both, and hope to see you both soon,
    love Chris (North Wales)

  11. Hi Robert + Gordon

    So glad to hear you are back home, take your time to get things together, you dont want to overdo it.
    You can have a rest now Robert, take time to chat, laugh and just be together
    hugs from us lot - ali, iain + andrea xxx