Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Little Stronger Every Day

Hello everyone
The picture above is of Gordon and Harry today on our first walk since he has been back at home.
As you can see he is looking really well and is slowly getting stronger.
Harry has got a mouth full of pine-cones which he loves collecting for some reason.
We walked about a mile today and then came home had dinner and relaxed.
We have slowly weaned out Gordons pain killers and he has only had one since Friday which is fantastic.
He is just taking things easy still and is being a really good patient.
I bring him all the post home every day from work and he goes through all that and then tells me what to do about it for the following day so that way he still feels part of the shop even though he isnt there.
I have just about caught up with the ironing and have become best friends with my slow cooker ( could not have done without it )
The most important tablets Gordon has been on will stop on Wednesday and that means no more waking up at 2.00 am and 6.00 am so we are both really looking forward to that as you can imagine.
Harry is entertainments manager and is always doing something to make us laugh and he is being so good around Gordon and sits with him for hours with his little head resting on his lap.
So all is looking good and in three weeks time you and i will be just as likely as Gordon to get an aneurysm and he will be completely out of danger.
I still have moments when i look back and think what might have happened, but am now concentrating on the future and our civil ceromony later on in the year ( i have coaxed Gordon into us both wearing traditional Scottish dress for the big day and he said thats fine as long as i dont wear fishnet stockings under my kilt haha ).
Harry will be wearing a tartan bow tie for the occasion and will be our little page boy.
So that is how our week has gone and i will write again soon and keep you all informed on Gordons progress.
Thank you all so much for your support, love, cards and kind words.
We love each and every one of you and you have kept us going .
Rob Gordon and Harry xxxxxx


  1. What wonderful news. Great to see Gordon is on the mend and the plans for your civil ceremony sound wonderful. Sleep well x

  2. Such great news that you're feeling well enough to go out for a little walk Gordon and thanks for the update Rob, sounds like you're keeping it all under control, what a star. So relieved that all is well and things are looking good and also lovely to hear about the ceremony plans. Take good care of yourselves and now that I've started commenting here, I'll have to continue! Hugs to you both and pat for Harry. Chris :)

  3. Great news, I'm so very happy for you all. Keep taking it easy though!

  4. So glad to hear that Gordon is recovering well and that is a lovely photo.

    Congratulations on the Civil Partnership, someting wonderful for you both to look forward to.

    Lots of love and hugs

    Sonja xx

  5. Looking good Gordon,lovely to see, take care both of you, luv Georginaxx

  6. This is great news Robert Im so pleased Gordon is recovering well , and is being a good patient for you , I love the idea of the civil ceremony and bless Harry being a page boy that will make your day complete
    Look to the future all of you , great happy times ahead
    Carol xx

  7. That would be a lovely photo any day but is especially so in view of the past few weeks. Looking good Gordon and I'm glad to hear you are being good and doing as you're told, lol!
    It'll be good to see you back in the shop although Robert, you have been doing a great job.

    Just look forward to that wonderful day you're going to have. I can imagine how handsome the three of you are going to look.

    Lesley Xx

  8. Fantastic to actually see Gordon out even if its only a photo he is doing remarkably well all just wonderfull news luv Sue x