Wednesday, 12 January 2011

What A Difference A Day Made

Hellooooooo All
I am on cloud nine ten and bloomin eleven as when I got to the hospital tonight Gordon was sitting in his chair talking to the patient in the next bed.
He gave me a big grin when he saw me and i was grinning too ( not a pretty site with my big mouth all those teeth haha ).
He had eaten his breakfast, lunch and evening meal was back to being Gordon.
He let me give him a wet shave and i gently gave his hair a brush and i must admit he really did scrub up well and looked even more like himself.
We stayed for three hours until he said he felt tired and so i helped him get comfy on his bed and left him to relax.
The surgeons reckon it was a spontanious aneurysm which i think means it just shot up like a firework on its own rather than being part of anything more sinister.
He has been told with this kind that yes he could have another one but also he may not so instead of worrying about it to go on living the life he still has and enjoy living.
And thats exactly what we both intend to do.
Its going to be quite a while before he is one hundred per cent but thats ok hes in good hands.
Our friend Tim who takes me to the hospital every night have just had a chinese take away with a glass of wine to celebrate today.
Im not getting too excited as i know he could be on a downer again tomorrow but i couldnt help having a little celebration.
Once again thank you all for your kind wishes and i dont think it will be long before Gordon sees them and thank you to those people who have sent cards to the shop for us, i will be putting these up at home for when he comes home as he cant have cards or flowers in his ward.
I have also learnt more new things at the shop today on the buisiness side so i think he will be shocked when he sees what i can do now.
Speak to you all tomorrow.
Love and Smiles Rob xxxxx


  1. Hi Rob & Gordon
    just caught up on the last feww days blogs and wanted to say congratulations to you both - so pleased for you both. Rob you will have to learn to use that foiling machine now to do your own invitations (lol). So good to read of the improvements each day and I hope it won't be long before Gordon (& Harry) are home where they belong. Nice to see you learning more about your own business too Rob. You'll be serving at the NEC before you know it.

    Love to you both Patsy May.

  2. Lets hope Gordon has now turned the corner !!

    hugs Diane xx

  3. Wonderful news, Rob. Enjoy your Chinese, and love to you all x

  4. Hello once more what great news you have today so very pleased for you and for the number one boss.
    He must be feeling a little better Thats good for his Mum arriving she will be pleased to see him.
    Hope your enjoying those 'small' glasses of wine with your dinner you deserve it.
    Love to you both
    Hugs and kisses
    Eileen xx

  5. That's great news, Rob! Pleased to hear Gordon is making such good progress. (And that you're doing so well in the shop!) xx

  6. Oh I'm so happy Gordon had a good day and that it made you happy. I have only ever shopped with you once but I'll never forget Gordon helping me out with the problem of paypal. I talked to him about it and sorted it. Great service and with a smile I dare say.
    So wish him continued recovery and I hope he can come home soon
    Claire xxxx

  7. *happy joy dance*
    i hope all stays well and fantastic *cross fingers*


  8. Hi Robert, I'm so glad Gordon has had a good day and was looking so much better for you tonight. I was also glad you were at the shop when I called in so I could give you a hug and send my love to Gordon with wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Didn't get chance to play with my new goodies tonight :( but should do tomorrow. I'll be checking the blog for updates on Gordon and to see how you're coping. See you soon.

    Lesley Xx

  9. I am so pleased to hear that Gordon was so much better, long may this continue.I think you definatley deserved a takeaway and a glass of wine.

    Lots of love and hugs
    Sonja x

  10. SO glad to hear Gordons picking up he'll soon be home again,don't forget to look after you as well, luv Georginaxx

  11. This is good news, hope soon that Gordon will be coming home

    lt's good that you are coping well
    take care

    sue xx

  12. what fantastic news Robert and cant fault you for celebrating with a takeaway n a good glug of wine fingers crossed Gordon improves now every day luv Sue x

  13. I have just read about Gordon, how awful for you both. So glad to hear he is on the mend and getting better each day. Congratulations to you both on your happy news, something good to look forward to. You are both such lovely people (met you both on many occasions at craft shows).
    Rob look after yourself as well and keep strong. Hugs to all (inc Harry). Beverley xx

  14. Hi Robert and it was so lovely to read your news tonight and know that Gordon is getting better and I'm sure as the days go on he'll keep on improving, what a relief. Take care of yourself too and very best wishes to you both. Hugs, Chris

  15. Hi Rob
    this is great news im so pleased Gordon is doing well
    take care
    see you both soon
    Carol x