Sunday, 16 January 2011

Thank You Everyone From Gordon

Hi everyone

I have just managed to have a look at all of your comforting comments and i would just like to take this chance to thank you all. Its great to know in times of trouble that there are so many great feelings out there towards you , i am very humbled .
Of course my special thanks and love goes out to to Robert , who as i am sure you will have seen , has been with me all the way and been a remarkable partner , nurse and organiser and everything you can imagine , he has been through hell and more taking me from deaths door and back .Robert is a remarkable person
A special thanks too goes to all the ladies who have helped Robert keep the business going during this time .
This teaches all of us a very valuable lesson , our time here is very precious as we never know when anything like this will happen randomely to any of us just out of the blue with no warning.
I have been given more time i guess , very very lucky indeed .
Again i cannot praise enough all of ther staff in the neurology unit at Queens Medical Centre , Nottingham , quite a remarkable bunch of people from the porters , cleaners , nurses , doctors , surgeons etc , you people are beyond words in what anyone can say about you . You brought me though my eleven days there with nothing but kindness .
Lastly , i firmly believe another pair of hands were at work and brought me though this and as a result of my experience when i briefly left this world i no longer fear death , there is something else , i dont know what it is , but i experienced something and it was nothing frightening at all , quite the opposite a very calming experience for those few minutes .
I am so very pleased to still be here to tell my story and to be able to thank everyone around me
Love to you all.



  1. So good to see you posting Gordon !!!

    Very best wishes for your continued recovery.

    Lots of love and hugs to you both
    Sonja x

  2. Great to hear from you Gordon. Don't over do it over the next few weeks and make sure you have plenty of rest. Take care x

  3. It does make you look at life in a different way Gordon. It`s called a second chance which I was given in 2000. Enjoy every minute which I`m sure you will !!

    hugs to all,

    Diane xx

  4. So glad to 'see' you back where you belong Gordon, do take it easy though.

    I have met you several times at Port Sunny - I'm one of the many, many faces noseying around your demonstrations and wares - and yet I feel as if I know you well after all "we've" been through this past week! :)

    Robert sounds like a fabulous person to have by your side.

  5. What a fantastic recovery Gordon but dont forget you need plenty of rest still and lots and lots of TLC which i am sure you will get from Robert and Harry and its good to know miricals do happen take care thinking of you luv Sue x

  6. WELCOME BACK !!!!! So great to see you sunday,Hope Harry is being good,we miss him already,especially his best friend Bob.Hugs from Michelle Cliff Danny & Lulu xxx wiggles from Bob xx

  7. Thanks to Rob for telling your story and my very best wishes to you for a speedy return to your old self but with a new take on life. Your words and your experience have had a real impact on me and I hope you will squeeze every last drop of love and enjoyment out of each moment.

  8. Hi gordon well im so please that ur on the mend, we changed rolls im sat in a hospital bed, ad a small operation yesterday , then couldn't go to the loo, so hoping and prayin that things return to normal as i want to be sat craftin, but so pleased ur on the mend hugs to u both sally from plealey carbootx

  9. Good to see you are back home Gordon,

    take it easy and get plenty of rest wih lots of TLC from Robert and Harry.

    my best wishes to you and Robert

    sue x

  10. Great to know you are home Gordon. Take things easy, one day at a time.
    Keep well.

    Pam x

  11. Good to see that you are on the mend. Sorry I haven't commented before but have been looking after DH after his open heart surgery. Get plenty of rest because Robert will need tlc when it really hits home what has happened in the last few weeks.
    All the best

  12. We are all pleased to see you back blogging Gordon , do take care , thinking of you
    carol x