Friday, 14 January 2011

Welcome Home Gordon.

Hello everyone.
Imagine my surprise and my smile when i walked into the hospital this evening to be told Gordon could come home tonight.
Its really strange as i wasnt going to take his clothes in until tomorrow as i hadnt had a phone call this morning but they had only decided at 5.00 this afternoon .
Gordons Mom and his brother came in soon afterwards for their second visit of the day just after he had got himself dressed.
There were hugs kisses and a few tears all round and it was fab to see them.
I went and had a word with the nurse about Gords medication and what he can and cant do thanked them all from the bottom of our hearts for all they have done.
We then got Gordons things together and came home ( i think we were both grinning like Cheshire cats all the way ).
So i have now settled him in and he says he feels much better already.
I have to wake him up at 2.00am and 6.00 am to give him his medication but this will only be for the next ten days and i used to do this in my previous job so its no problem for me.
I will probably stay awake after the 2.00 one till 6.00 and do a bit of crafting tonight as i have an idea for a wall hanging i was working on and couldnt quite figure out where i was going with it and now a PING of inspiration has just happened.
Little Harry is coming home on Monday morning and we both cant wait to have him home again.
Right im going to make the bed all comfy for his lordship now and then im sure we will both drop off to sleep till 2.00am.
Thanks everyone for helping me through all this and i will post again tomorrow and let you know how his first day at home went.
Love and Smiles to you all.
And a special kiss or two to Harry from both of his dads.xxxxxxx
Rob and Gordon xxxxxx


  1. way to go....well done Gordon keep up the good work ..great news hugs to you both..Jayne xx

  2. Fabulous news! Hope both of you manage to sleep in in the morning! Big hugs x

  3. WOW.. just FAB Rob for you and Gordon !! Harry is going to give you both some kind of a welcoming home !!

    hugs to all,

    Diane xx

  4. Woohoooo, that's wonderful news, welcome home Gordon. I'm sooo happy for you all.

  5. Well done boys, I hope you'll keep on improving Gordon
    claire xxx

  6. Hi Rob & Gordon Fabulous news and welcome home gordon , you got a nurse and maid in one with rob ,plz take things easy and you be bk to normal b4 you no it all our love sally fro pleasley carboot x

  7. Great news Rob , im sure he will get stronger day by day now
    Hope you are both ready for Harry on monday bet he cant wait to be home bless him
    Speak soon
    Carol xx

  8. what fantastic news I logged onto this morning, Robert. And welcome home Gordon, so pleased you are home so quickly. Once Harry arrives you will be a family once again. Love and kisses to you both, and harry of course
    lovw Chris (North Wales)

  9. well how wonderful is that!!!! you both take care and dont you forget that its exhausting caring for someone so you need to look after you too,luv Georginaxx

  10. Welcome home Gordon , am sure you will be feeling much better at home and Robert will make sure you do as you are told and take your medication. Am sure we all look forward to another 'Occasion' happening as soon as you are better. Best wishes to both of you x Carol

  11. I'm so pleased to hear this - take it easy now!

  12. Dear Gordon and Rob

    I have just read back over your blog and seen your news. What a roller coaster ride you ave had since the New Year!

    Gordon, I am so glad to read that you are home and getting better. I hope you are back to full strength soon.

    Rob, you have been a rock! But you must be mentally exhausted too.

    Take care and be kind to yourselves and know that you have many friends, some, like me, that you ave never met, that are rooting for you both.

    Hugs, Carol x

  13. What wonderful news you must both be so pleased. I'm sure Gordon will recover much quicker at home with you!!!!!

    Lots of love and hugs
    Sonja xx

  14. just wonderfull news so pleased for you tell Gordon not to rush things and you take care too every best wish luv Sue x

  15. Great news, take care of yourselves Bee

  16. I am so thrilled Gordon is home and wish him a speedy recovery. He is in safe hands with you Rob I am sure. My lappy was in the 'hospital' for a few days so just caught up on this good news.
    Positive thoughts still with you.Pam x