Saturday, 8 January 2011

Gordons on a downer today

Hello Everyone.
Went to the shop first today and helped the girls a bit by getting most of the orders processed.
Thanks so much to you all girls i dont know what we would do without you all and we really do appreciate all you are doing for us at the moment as we know the shop couldnt be in safer hands.
Anne my sister thought it was all amazing.

Gordon was not so good when we got to the hospital he had a real bad headache and was feeling nauseous after the M I R scan last night ( or maybe the realisation of his proposal to me haha).
We wont know the outcome of the scan until either late tomorrow or maybe Monday as it is a skeleton staff at weekends still Gordon said no news is good news when you have a bad head.
We only stayed for a short while as i know he needed some rest and i want him to get stronger.
He was really upset that he couldnt talk to my sister more but she understands and is coming up again soon.
On our second visit about five hours later he was still tired but much more alert and the headache was not so severe.
The highlight of the evening was watching him walk to the toilet and back all in around 5 minutes, so i knew then that he is getting stronger.
I know every day is going to throw more challenges at us and that he is going to have bad days as well as good ones but i hated seeing him look so defeated this morning but i know he will get stronger as the weeks pass.
Thank you all so much for your wonderful messages I printed them off and have left them in Gordons locker so that he can read them when he feels up to it as i know they will make him feel a lot better when he sees how much he is loved by everyone.
I will write again tomorrow as this is helping me so much to let things out and share whats going on with you all.
I will be going to the shop in the morning to finish off all the orders before i go to the hospital and will post them all out first thing Monday.
Thanks again for all your support and Good thoughts.
Love and smiles Rob xxx
P.S Harry i am missing you so much too hope you are being good for aunty Michelle xxx


  1. Being powerless is such an awful feeling, but slow progress is good. Wishing that you all are renited at home soon ((hugs)).

  2. As you say Rob, Gordon will have good days and bad. It must be very hard for you not having him home as well as not having Harry to cuddle. But every day is a day forward.....

    love Diane xx

  3. Still keeping you all in my thoughts. xx

  4. Hope Gordon will be feeling a little better today. Congratulations on your lovely news. Positive thoughts are sent your way.

  5. Thinking of you both , He will have good days and bad ones , Im sure each day he will get a little better , it just takes time
    Love to you both always
    Carol xx

  6. Still thinking of you here too and I know the scan can make you feel bad as my hubby had one a couple of months back as he's gone deaf in one ear and they wanted to check all was OK which thankfully it was. He didn't feel good afterwards either.

    Hoping to hear of more improvement soon.

  7. hoping Gordon feels a bit better today. Hang on in there Rob, and make sure you look after yourself too x

  8. Hello and good morning to you both.
    I hope Gordon is feeling a little better today.Good days and bad come with the territory but I hope he has more good days.
    Pleased you had a good visit with Anne and she liked the shop.
    Love and hugs to you both
    Eileen and Davexx

  9. Thinking of you both at this difficult time, sending lots of love.

    Sonja x

  10. I hope you find Gordon better this afternoon, Robert. You are all in my thoughts, and I'm sure Harry is enjoying his holiday!! Love to you both, love Chris (North Wales)

  11. I hope Gordon feel better today and that he keeps improving every day and that he will be home soon.Great new about you guys tying the knot, well done, I am very happy for you both.
    I'll keep you both in my thoughts
    Claire xxxxx

  12. Hiya Robert, great news congrats. Gorden will feel batter soon, hospitals are crappy and you always want to get home. I hate them. Hopefully the scan will come back good and he rests well. Thinking of you loads and sending love and hugs your way both of you Andreaxx

  13. Hi Rob & Gordon, Just found your blog tonight (I don't know what made me look for the first time) and read your news. My thoughts are with you both and I wish Gordon a speedy recovery. Best Wishes, Wendy (Stamps & Memories)

  14. Hi Rob, It's Karen (Watson...ciggie partner!!) I've only just heard about Gordon, I'm so shocked by what I've been reading. I just want you to know that I'm thinking of you both and that I'm sending a huge wish for Gordon's speedy recovery. Please send him my love and best wishes and you look after yourself too. All my love xxx