Thursday, 13 January 2011

More Good News

Gordon is even brighter tonight and his headache has almost disappeared he is even off the morphine spray so i am praying now that this is the start of his recovery.
The Nurse told me that the doctors are really pleased with his progress and that once his sodium levels are balanced he can come home HOORRRRREYYYYYYY.
This could even happen in the next three days and as you can imagine Gordon cant wait.
I know he will get stronger at home with Harry and me as although it is a special ward for really poorly people it is still quite noisy and he can be as quiet as he wants at home.
I am so happy that this has had a happy ending because we have met families this week where the ending hasnt been happy and my heart goes out to them all.
Gordons mom will have a lovely surprise when she sees how well he is doing and i cant wait to give her a big hug and a kiss tomorrow.
I cant wait to get my two boys back home the house is so empty without them.
The Girls and i have re arranged the shop a bit over the last two days and i had my first solo business meeting today and was really proud of myself as i think i got my points across to them very well and everything went great.
I have had help from Ideal world getting things ready and signing forms for Karen to do the Toolshop programme on Sunday where she will be demonstrating the Scor--Buddy and they also have the No more Shims mat and the Stay-Put no slip craft mat on from us too.
I have done all the banking and ordering too and i think Gordon will be really proud of me .
I am so tired tonight i think everything is catching up with me tonight and i have also had a great adrenaline rush all evening.
So i am off to bed now and hope i sleep for ten hours.
Thanks again for your kind thoughts and cards you have all been so supportive and have kept me going through this awful time.
I will write again tomorrow .
Love and Smiles Rob xxxxxx


  1. Will keep everything crossed for you Rob that Gordon comes home at the weekend !!

    big hugs Diane xx

  2. So pleased things are improving so well, Rob. Just make sure you don't do too much, cos Gordon will need you to be in full health when he comes home. Sleep well my friend

  3. Fantastic news. Sending you love and hugs, Caz

  4. I'm so pleased Gordon is getting better by the day, and I know hospitals are not places you can rest, the noise is always present especially early mornings.
    Claire xxxxx

  5. Im so pleased Rob , that Gordon is recovering well , and you will get im home very soon
    Take care
    carol xx

  6. Good news this is.
    You will be pleased to get both boys home again and maybe Gordon might even make it home while his Mum is with you.Love to her as well.
    Rob you must be so proud of yourself for what you have achieved in the shop and business these last weeks and Gordon should be really proud of what you have achieved as well.
    Its great and its funny what you can do when you need to.Be proud.
    With lots of love and hugs to you and the two boys and Mum Love Eileen and Dave xxx

  7. Fantastic news that Gordon will be home soon! His recovery will continue even faster once he is back with you and Harry. And yes, I'm sure he will be very proud of you for the way you have kept things going so brilliantly. xx

  8. Hi rob , wow ur doing really well with the business , think ur going to have to take them rolls for a while , while gordon gets back on is feet, i hope you ad a good night rest and are refreshed for another day, keep bringing us the good new love n hugs sally x

  9. So good to hear he's doing well and it won't be long now before Gordon and Harry are back home. I'm just a customer and one of your many fans keeping up with your blog. love and hugs Jan G. x

  10. This is such wonderful news about Gordon recovering so well. No wonder you are such a happy bunny shines through in your post. Keep on recoving well Gordon and you'll soon be home with Rob and Harry.....and it will be great for your Mum to see you loking alot better.
    Take care both of you and thanks for the update Rob.

    Love Sheila xx

  11. This is fantastic news, hope he is back home with you really soon.

    Love and hugs
    Sonja x

  12. Wonderful news Rob! I'm so pleased to hear that he'll soon be home. Love to you both, Karen x

  13. Lovely to hear that Gordon is making rapid progress and I'm sure he'll be home with you and Harry very soon now. Take care of yourself too.

    Lesley Xx

  14. Only just caught up with all this news Please give Gordon my very best wishes I have met him on several occasions when I have come into the shop and he is a charming man Hugs and smiles Maureen

  15. So glad and relieved to hear this evening's news Robert. It sounds like Gordon may soon be home where I'm sure he will make a quick recovery. What a nightmare for you both but I'm sure it will make you appreciate every day together so much more. My very best wishes to you both. xx