Sunday, 9 January 2011

You Gotta Have Friends

Hello everyone
I phoned the hospital this morning and theres been not much change from yesterday and Gordon is very tired.
I asked if anyone thought i was being thoughtless if i didnt get to the hospital till around 5.00 ish so as to give him time to rest and was told that if everybody did that patients would get better much quicker so that made me feel a lot better.
The nurse said she would let him know and phone me back to tell me to come earlier if he wanted me too.
Tim one of my great friends took me to the shop this morning and had to learn how to look after thew shop while i was oing the orders.
It was so funny as he had never used a till before and i am not the worlds best at it either talk about the blind leading the blind and we ended up charging one lady £37,000000 for two items.
We all laughrd so much it did me good.
Arrived at the hospital and Gordon was asleep but woke up not long after we arrived.
He has had the results from the MRI and told me they had found nothing obvious but were going to have another look at the scans and come and see us tomorrow.
Although he is still in lots of pain with his head he did manage a few spoonfuls of pineapple and half a tub of ice cream so thats a good sign.
I havnt really cried much but i did a little today as i was looking at him i just felt so helpless as i cant take his pain away i would give anything to see his smiling face just for a few seconds.
The nurses are wonderful with him and everyone else in the ward and i just want to say to Ikbhal and his wife in the next bed from Gordon all the best as they are moving to another hospital tonight and have become great friends.
We left Gordon sleeping and came home and Claire who is Tims girlfriend Matt and Lizzie who live down the road came round and they really cheered me up and i realise now just how wonderful it is to have friends.
We dont live in each others pockets and may not see each other for weeks but one of us is in trouble of any kind we help each other.
Thanks You Guys i LOVE YA.
I told them i had to write my blog and they are all sitting in the living room watching tv and chatting until i return (no Problem they said ).
Hope i have better news for you tomorrow.
Thank you all so much for being our friends on here too as its like having an extended family looking after us as well and i will keep photo copying all your messages to take to gordon ( i cant wait to see his face when he is able to read them.
I will sign off now for tonight.
Love and smiles Rob xxxxxxxx


  1. Crafty people are very kind and caring even if we have never met one another. We can only offer words, but sometimes they can be the best words ever spoken for one who needs it. If only other people could have thought for others, the world would be a better place. halo has just slipped !!

    Big hugs to you both xx

    Diane xx

  2. Hi Rob, of course you feel helpless, that's only natural, but don't underestimate how much you are doing just by being there for Gordon. That emotional support is worth a lot, and it's something you can do for him better than anyone. Take care of yourself too! Good news on the scan results.

    Love & hugs, Lynne xx

  3. Hi Rob
    It has been such an emotional rollercoaster for you over the past few days, a bit of R & R with some good friends will do you the power of good. I hope Gordon gets some respite from the headaches soon. I left a card for you both at the shop yesterday x

  4. Stay strong Robert - and get well Gordon.

  5. Keeping you both in my thoughts.
    Sending lots of love and hugs

    Sonja xx

  6. Hi Rob,

    Stay strong for Gordonl, l do hope he will feel little bit better tomorrow

    take care of yourself

    big hugs to you both

    sue x

  7. Hope Gordon continues to improve, guess it will take time Rob. Hope the headaches go away soon too. Positive thoughts on their way to Gordon.
    Pam x

  8. Hi Rob
    you are doing the best thing by doind what Gordon wants and needs,Good news on the scan results , You have got alot of friends that you dont know and we all rally round if needed , take care both of you , hope Gordon is alot better soon
    Love Carol xx

  9. Hi Rob and Gordon, always watch you both on tv such a lovely couple. Just wanted you to know thoughts are with you even though dont know you personally. X Carol

  10. there are still good people in the world Rob and you seem to be surrounded by them,keep positive and he'll soon be home, luv Georginaxx

  11. Hi Rob, I understand completely what you are going through, as you know I went through something similar with my lovely hubby. Just try and stay strong and cheerful for Gordon. He will have down days of course but they will get less over time. I love reading your blog and thank you for sharing with us.
    love Chris (North WAles)

  12. Hi Rob, only just heard,via Blog what a shock, how are you, I tired to phone ,but as you have probably moved ,I don't know wether you kept your old number or not,,you are both in my thoughts take care maybe you could ring if your feeling up to it sometime ...tons and tons of love Jayne xx

  13. Hi Rob
    been thinking about you and Gordon, check every morning on your blog to see how things are going
    You are such a lovely couple, its hard going for you, but keep your chin up
    big hug from us all here
    ali, iain and andrea xxxxx

  14. Hi Guys ... so sorry to hear your news... been very bad and not been reading blogs etc. over festive season... however very very pleased to hear that Robert is recovering and scan reults are good. Will keep you both in our thoughts and prayers ... love from Janet & Kelsey in South Africa

  15. One step at a time, one day at a time, be there for Gordon, when he needs you,and give him space when he needs it and you will get through this,you are both in my thoughts Irene xx

  16. Hi Robert & Gordon wish I had been able to call and see you both but have had the dreaded flu bug. My new computer has been in for repair and have only just seen the news. Just remember how you have helped me so much Robert over the last year with out you both I would be a complete mess. So remember I am here for you both and as Baz said you are both wonderful people and Gordon will be strong and get through this. Oh! and CONGRATULATIONS to you both wonderful news!! Talk to you soon. All my love to you always Terri xxx

  17. Well done on making 37million in one day! Milky bars are on you!

    And for you to see him in less pain i would give him a million christmas cookie bouquets and tubs of ice cream (i also like ice cream lots so that's saying something!)

    Good luck on the scan results and on swift recuperation