Monday, 17 January 2011

Step by Step

Hello Everybody.
I was so glad Gordon blogged you all last night he really is so moved by all your kind and supporting words as i am too.
I have managed to work out his tablets so that he does not have any pain in his back or head any more so thats great.
We have got used to the getting up at strange hours to administer the medication ( i just find it hard to go back to sleep straight away but am sure i will do soon and its only for another 10 days )
Today i was really brave and left Gordon for 5 hours with Harry while i went to see his doctor and do some other stuff and then went and processed the orders at the shop. I phoned him hourly and i think Gordon enjoyed just having some quiet time ( he says i worry to much ).
The Nurse who visited him today said this was a good thing we did as we should try and get back to normal as soon as we can, and she is really pleased with Gordons progress.
When i got home he was looking fine and was just relaxing watching t.v.
I cant beleive that it will be two weeks tomorrow when this story could have ended so differently.
I am going to have a few days off blogging now as i have loads of ironing and other chores to do and im going to have a little rest too.
I will keep you all up to date on how we are all doing at least once or twice a week and also whats going on in the shop.
Once again thank you everyone for your support and friendship through all this we love you all.
Smiles from Rob Gordon and Harry ( all back together again ) xxxx


  1. So glad to hear that GOrdon is doing so well.

    I think you deserve a rest you have had so much to cope with the last couple of weeks.

    Sending lot of love and hugs
    Sonja x

  2. Thanks for keeping us updated with Gordons progress Rob, just enjoy your time with the boys and try to relax abit !!

    hugs to all Diane xx

  3. Such wonderful news to hear that you're all back together again and that Gordon is doing so well! Love and best wishes from Karen (Watson) xxx

  4. Hello you Three Muskateers,

    Sorry I've been away for a few days so missed the last few posts. Checked as soon as I got back home and am so pleased you are all back home together again.

    Well done, Gordon for making such a good recovery and well done Robert for coping so well and being such a good nurse. Well done too to Harry because I bet he's now keeping you both on your toes and getting you back into a normal routine.

    Take care all of you. Look forward to seeing you soon.

    Lots of love
    Lesley Xx

  5. So glad things are going well, take time to relax Bee

  6. Get some rest Rob, you done wonderful job coping with the stressful time
    so pleased you all back together now

    love and hugs to you and Gordon

    PS bet Harry loves being back home

    sue xx

  7. Pleased you are all getting back to some sort of normality. Take care and look after each other.
    Pam x

  8. Just brilliant all of you back together again and glad you are going to get a rest now Robert its so well deserved take care all Luv Sue x

  9. how lovely to hear you Gordon, and so pleased you are continuing to do well. You both deserve a good rest after what you have been through. Take care and hoping to see you both soonm
    love and hugs,
    chris (North Wales)

  10. you have earned a good rest. Take care all three of you and big hugs to you all x

  11. This is really great news , im pleased Gordon is really doing so well , thinking of you all
    Carol x

  12. I have only just found out about this and am so sorry to hear it all. However I am delighted that Gordon is making good progress - with you nursing him Robert he can't help but get well soon. Love and hugz Cynthia x