Friday, 7 January 2011

Gordons Progress and a Romantic Surprise For Me

Hello all
Phoned the hospital this morning and they said Gordon slept really well (so did i by the way a whole 8 hours ) and was having a wash and looking good.
They also said they have taken him off emergency care and that i now dont have to go in until ordinary visiting times so thats great news.
I went to the shop with Anthea this morning and Karen was there too and because it was snowing we werent too busy so we caught up and had a good natter.
Ali Iain and Andrea from Ali Crafts popped in as they were passing this way and it was great to see them and were so shocked about Gordon as they hadnt heard. But it was lovely to see them and we had a good natter for an hour or so.
I left the shop around lunch time and went to see Gordon he has to wait in a long queue now for his M R I scan as he is off the critical list so may not get it till tomorrow but we dont mind that we are just greatful for what has happened so far and can wait till next week if we have to.
Gordon was sitting in a chair when we arrived and had walked to the toilet ( which took him half an hour to get to )and washed and shaved himself (which took another hour ) and the nurses all clapped him when he got back to his bed, i am just so proud of him.
He is back to being himself again and has befriended all the other patients relatives too.
Before i left i went and got him some magazines as he wanted to have a read and as i was leaving
he said to me I Think we should have one of those Civil Services this year Rob.
I said ... Oh Gordon that is the most romantic proposal ive ever heard and the answer is YES.
I laughed about it all the way home.
Later Gordon phoned me to tell me he has had his M I R scan and we will know the results tomorrow.
He was in it for 30 minutes and he said it was really frightening as it makes loud banging noises like a world war two film and you are strapped in and cant move.
It has made him feel tired and worn him out so hes asleep now i should imagine.
I have had another lovely surprise as my sister has come up until tomorrow so we are going to have a good natter this evening and she will see the shop tomorrow for the first time and then we will go and see Gordon.
So thats about it for today and thank you all for your kind words and Gordon sends everyone his best wishes and love.
Will let you know tomorrow about what the MIR scan results are.
Love and smiles Rob Gord and Harry xxx


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! You were made for each other! So good to hear Gordon is on the mend. Hope he continues to make a good and speedy recvovery. Take good care of yourself too, Rob. Big Hugs x

  2. Hi Rob.
    You don't know me but I have bought from you on several occasions anf have spoken at length to Gordon on the phone about your products. I have just read your blog and am sitting here with tears in my eyes feeling for what you have both gone through in the last few days. I am so glad that things are now not so bleak as you first thought and I send my love and best wishes to you both for a speedy recovery and that you will both be back together again very soon. Also what wonderful news about your civil Service. I wish you both love and all the best for the future.
    Teresa Skipper
    I don't understand the select profile bit so hope you get this message

  3. what lovely news Robert and CONGRATULATIONS. Couldn't happen to a nicer couple. Sending you all my love and hope Gordon keeps progressing well and you get him home soon,
    love Chris (north wales)

  4. Congratulations to you both im so pleased

    Excellent news on Gordon too , love to you both

    Thanks for keeping us updated Rob as it must be very hard for you both
    Jean at arts sends her love to you both
    Also Nigel May from Create and Craft

    love from carol and daughter hayley
    take care hugssss

  5. Fantastic news! This happened to my brother and he went on to make a full recovery and it was a turning point in his career - he has gone from strength to stregth ever since. I do so hope this is the case for Gorden too! Fabulous news about your engagement too congratulations xx

  6. I'm sooo happy that Gordon is improving and it's about time he made an honest man out of you!!!!!
    Congratulations to you both, it's very romantic.

  7. Hi Rob
    How about that Gordons finally going to make you honest fabulous.Congratulations its been along time coming what fun that will be.
    Yes an MRI for anybody who has never had one is very scary indeed but Gord made it thru that one.Am so pleased progress is good for you both.
    Great that the sister has come to visit and to finally see the shop.
    Its great news Gordon is making such good progress look forward to the next update
    Love and hugs to you both
    Eileen xx

  8. I am glad Gordon is on the mend and hope he continues to get stronger over the coming days. My thoughts are with you both, it sounds like you have gone to hell and back over the past few days. Speedy recovery to Gordon and all the best for you civil partnership, that sounds so romantic.

  9. All of your post is good news, congratulations to you both:0) xxx

  10. Great news Rob, I'm so pleased to hear something so happy and what a lovely thing you've got to look forward to now. I have met you both at Port Sunny over the years, one of the many faces you see there, don't really 'know' you but do wish you both every happiness and good health.

  11. Congratulations, Rob!! Great news all round! Glad to hear Gordon is doing so well, and hope he is soon back home so you can start making plans for the big day! Take care. Love & hugs. xx

  12. Wow what rollercoaster of a week ! Congratulations on your upcoming special day and great to hear Gordon is on the mend.
    Paul - (Go Kreate)

  13. Congratulations Rob & Gordon, you are such a lovely couple and I am sure you will be back together again soon. Best Wishes for a speedy recovery Gordon and all the best for the future together. Sue Cambridge.

  14. I've just seen the news about Gordon. How frightening for you both but wonderful that Gordon seems to be doing well now. Fingers crossed for a good outcome from the scan. Congratulations to you both and I wish you both a long and happy life together.

  15. Congratulations. The news just gets better and better. Long may it continue. Shirley

  16. Hi Rob,

    First congratulatiions! to you both this is happy news about the Civil Service this is something for you both to look forward to.

    Glad to hear Gordon is on the mend and continues to make good recovery.

    l have met you and Gordon years back when l first started cardmaking when you both had your shop at Chesterfield. Last November l came to visit your shop in Mansfield for the first time l brought the Joy machine Gordon was so good showing me how to use this machine and l love your new shop.

    Love and best wishes to you both and thank you for the updates

    sue x

  17. Congratulations to you both. I'm really pleased for you. Love Dawn x

  18. So glad Gordon is on the mend - Congratulations on your news. Best of luck to you both. Pauline in Sheffield

  19. OH WOW the man has style lol, many congratulations to you both,love to see the photos when the time comes,chuffed for you both, luv Georginaxx

  20. That's BRILLIANT news Robert, both about Gordon's recovery and the Civil Ceremony. Our VERY BEST WISHES to you both.

    Judi & Paul

  21. My good friend Sally told me about Gordon being ill and I'm so glad to hear he's making a good recovery from what must have been a terrible shock for you both.
    Many congratulations on your great news too.
    I miss seeing you at the shows I go to as I used to love your fab demos and if you pop over to my blog you might remember my face (or not!).
    I'm now following you hear to keep up to date with all your happenings.
    Fliss (aka Felicity)

  22. Hi Rob Congratulations to the both of you, it couldn't happened to a lovely couple, I hope gordon results are nothing to worry about, and hey rob u should go on do crafts on the forum and see the messages gordon ad, its amazing how nice people are, anyway give harry a fuss for me and i pop in for a natter cos i need some ms punches and its great that you open on a sunday sally fro carboot xx

  23. You are both so strong! And still have time to have us laughing to tears in Art Journalling =P CONGRATULATIONS again and lots of love from the group and doggy smoochies from my poochie babies.