Monday, 10 January 2011

Slowly but Surely

Hello All and im sorry im a bit late posting.

Went to shop first thing and helped the girls as well as i could ( i cant tell them what to do as they can run everything with their eyes blindfolded but i took hot sausage rolls in and chocolate digestives so at least they love me for that )
On the way to the hospital later on we dropped off at Clairs craft workshop where i spend my Mondays ussually and have the most fantastic times. If you dont know who Clair is well you have not lived she is the multi talented lass who used to run the card fairy and is great friends with Tim Holtz and Micheal De Meng and i feel so FANTASTIC when i attend her classes on a Monday as that is my arty day and she sure teaches me some amazing things.
It was great to see all the other students too as we have beecome like family and thanks girls for your hugs and kisses i really needed them.Also Carol i love my belated xmas present and can understand why i nearly didnt get it.
Gordon was a little better today and was able to speak to us a lot more and asked us to get him some fresh orange juice ( hey thats a big thing since he hasnt fancied anything for two days )
Later on he ate nearly a whole peice of breaded cod and a he did finish off a tub of ice cream )
His M I R scan has shown there is nothing to worry about so it is just the bruising to his head that is the trouble.
I asked how to describe this to a person like me who has really has no time for big long words ( i have to be honest and tell you all long words bloody scare me)
So if you can imagine that a huge wave of blood has entered Gordons inner skull with a massive force and has hit the roof of his skull which does not expand, it has caused a great big bruise 100 times bigger and painful than a bruise that we are used to in everyday life.
So his head will ache for days ( maybe weeks ) now but he will get better as the bruise eases.
Thats the way i have asked it to be explained as big words sound scarey to me and i would rather have it told in words i understand and thank you surgeons for telling me like it is.
Gordons mom is coming down on Friday evening from Scotland and i want him to be stronger for when she comes .
It must be awefull to be so far away from your son when all you want to do is hug and kiss him and we really want him to be strong for the day she arrives so i am just going in for an hour a day so that he can get plenty of rest.
I have been and got him 2 new pairs of pyjamas and a new electric razor so that we can have him back to his handsome self when she arrives.
I had a wonderful time when i got home as Eileen who used to work for us phoned me and we had a great chat,
Then my sister Margaret and then my sister Anne,
Thanks you three i didnt realise it was almost 1.00am in the morning when i finally got off the phone but boy oh boy you sure all cheered me up.
Thank you everybody who have left messages and i will copy them and put them with all the others for Gordon to see when he is strong enough to read them.
Im going to roll into bed now and will write again tomorrow.
Love and smiles Rob xxxx ( kisses to Harry too XXX )


  1. So glad to hear that the results of the scan were so good it must be such a relief for you both.

    Will be keeping you both in my thoughts.

    Lots of love and hugs
    Sonja x

  2. Hi Rob
    This is very good news on Gordon Im so pleased , for you both , yes im sure every day he will get stronger and it will take time .
    love to you both
    Carol xx

  3. Its so nice to hear that Gordon is a bit better. Keep up the good work Gordon for Rob and Harry`s sake !!

    Thinking of you all every day....

    hugs Diane xx

  4. Hi Robert and Gordon (and not forgetting Harry), I am so sorry I'm just catching up with your news. I've been very busy with family for the past month or so and have neglected my blog buddies badly so finding your posts from New Year was a complete shock.

    I am so glad that I have come in when things are looking so much better and I'm glad I read the posts before visiting the shop which I was going to do tomorrow if I had time.

    As for the Civil Ceremony, all I can say is it's about time, Lol!

    Robert, please pass on my love and best wishes to Gordon and you take care of yourself too. I'll hope to see you all very soon.

    Lots of love and hugs
    Lesley Xx

  5. So glad everything's going well. So pleased for you - remember - slowly does it.
    Pauline in Sheffield

  6. Sounding good! Keep positive, both of you and thanks for keeping us updated this way. :)

  7. lts is very good news that Gordon is little bit better, thank you for posting the updates

    l have been thinking of you both everyday

    best wishes to you both

    sue xx

  8. I was wondering where the card fairy had gone I was very disappointed to have walked one day to find it all shut up could you tell me more about where and what claire is doiing now please
    thanks Tracy

  9. I learn LOTS at Claire's too!- about whofty-banger-hangers, waiting with bated-you-know-whats... what NOT to get caught in a Crop O Dile... ahem. that was just the start of it!

    So pleased to hear Gordon's on the mend and out of danger!! Bet Harry's bursting to get home you both and back to his fans at the shop =)

    See you monday when you can give us gossip!