Monday, 31 January 2011

What a Brilliant Week

Well its been just over a week since my last post and Gordon is coming on with leaps and bounds ( must be my cooking haha ).
Last Monday our mate Tim took Gordon to the bank as he wanted to get the accounts up to date etc and they were out for 5 hours in the end.
Tim took Gordon for a coffee after then they did some shopping and went to have a look around some car show rooms as Tim and Gordon are car mad.
I was really good and only phoned them twice just to make sure everything was ok and i was doing little dances all around the kitchen ( not a sight you want to see believe me ) because i was so happy.
Tuesday was my day off so we took Harry for a walk in the park and just had a lazy day .
Gordon took it easy for the next couple of days and then on Saturday decided he wanted to come to the shop for a while.
He was amazed by the work the girls and myself have done while he hasnt been there.
We have totally changed the workshop area, re vamped the stock room and office and made a few changes in the kitchen as well. He couldnt believe it wa s the same place.
All the customers were really pleased to see him and made a big fuss of him and he and Glenys were swapping near death experience stories ( so strange how they both had more or less the same experience ).
I cant believe how amazingly fast he is recovering and we are all just so really really happy.
Today we had a letter from the hospital explaining what had happened to Gordon and they dont want to see him until March and really dont think he has anything to worry about as they think this was just a one off occurrence and there was no sign of anything else showing up in the scans.
Gordon is coming with me next weekend to the Papercraft Show at Stevenage ( just to show me how to set the stand up and then he is being sent to the restaraunt with a few magazines and a cuppa ) so if you are around do come and say hello.
Myself and Sandra will be on the stand and maybe Tim or Jean.
I have some great demo's lined up and am looking forward to going as its been a while since i was at the Stevenage show.
Dont forget to look at all the new spellbinders dies on the web shop they should be arriving late February into March they are all fabby and i cant wait to play.
Right ive yacked on enough for one post.
Thanks everyone for stopping by and i will post after the Stevenage show and will take some photo"s for you to see how Gordon is doing.
Love and Smiles Rob Gordon and Harry xxx


  1. It's just so wonderful to hear how well Gordon is's really is such good news. Your happiness and excitement really shines through your post Rob and I'm so pleased for you both and also very please that the hospital didn't find anything nasty in the scans. Here's to a very healthy future to Gordon and plenty of happy times for you both. Would have loved to have come and say 'Hello' at Stevenage but unfortunately I live in Nth Wales so a tad too far. Will pop over to your website now and have a look at the new Spellbinders dies.
    Take care.

    Love and smiles Sheila xx

  2. So glad everything is going well for you boys !!

    big hugs Diane xx

  3. I like the image I have in my head - you doing a Happy Dance around the kitchen :) Good to hear things are going so well

  4. So good to hear Gordon is progressing so well and you have had a good week. Hope the show goes well, but that you are not run off your feet!

  5. Wow Robert ita all such fantastic news i am so pleased for you both and there are people out there who are still only just finding out what has happened so its fab to be able to pass on the fantastic news take care have a good show and make sure Gordon doesnt do to much Luv Sue x

  6. Fantastic new s that Gordon is doing really well , hopefully ill see you very soon at the shop
    take care both of you , and Harry too

  7. Lovely to see you both at Stevenage. Had to retell your story of 'how to tell if its good weather to hang your washing out' to my husband. I think he's wondering just what sort of people I meet at these shows!!!
    Thanks for your help with embossing the stencils.