Thursday, 10 February 2011

Gordon the Van Stevenage and Haircuts

Hi everyone.
Sorry i havnt posted for over a week but its been busy busy busy here.
Gordon continues to improve daily and is behaving himself by just coming to the shop and doing light jobs like processing orders and checking the mail and at the moment we are coming in later than the girls and leave at 3.00pm, so we are only spending four hours there at the moment.
His taste is slowly starting to come back so i make a lot of salads as its cooked veg that seems to taste horrible ( especially Brocolli which he loved before ).
The girls and i packed everything and filled the van up with all the goodies for the Stamparama show at Stevenage on Friday evening so that we could get an early start on Saturday morning.
Well as soon as we got in it on Saturday and jean started it up we got about 20 yards and then it just conked out.
Luckily we got it back to the garage next door to the shop and the guys worked like crazy to get it mended which eventually they achieved ( thanks guys ).
We arrived at Stevenage an hour before set up closing time and believe it or not Jean and i got the stand set up and nearly everything hooked onto it before it closed so we felt really proud of ourselves.


The show was fabulous and i really enjoyed meeting old friends and new .
Jean and i demonstrated while Sandra served the customers and Gordon sat and packed bags for people and was made a fuss of all day so he really enjoyed it too.
Above is a pic of Gordon myself Sandra and Jean just before the show finished.
Thank you to store holders and customers who came and wished Gordon a speedy recovery too.
On Monday i started back to a new term with the lovely Claire and for the next three months will be doing canvas art in the mornings and a round robin journal in the afternoons based on colour choices of the other students ( i will post pics on my other blog as things get made )
Dont worry i didnt leave Gordon on his own he was at the shop with Harry and the girls.
And to finish with Harry has had a big haircut and looks really lovely how the lady has done it this time.When you look at him head on he looks like a little sphinx the way she has trimmed his ears and i will put a photo of him on next post.
Right im going to make myself a cup of coffee now as i forgot about this one and its gone cold.
Thanks for dropping by and i will post again in a couple of days.

Love and smiles Rob Gordon and Harry xxx


  1. How nice to see Gordon looking so well, and I'm sure you will insist on him taking it easy for a while longer :)

  2. wow Robert Gordon does look well am so pleased for you both will have to try and get to the shop and do a bit of fussing myself har har but just so glad all is ok Luv Sue x

  3. Glad to hear and see that Gordon is doing so well. Sorry that you won't be at the SECC this year when I make my annual pilgrimage from France! Looking forward to the pic of Harry!

  4. It was lovely to see you all again, we have missed you at the shows.
    Look after each other.
    from Pearl and Clint xx

  5. Great to see you both at Stevenage, though you were busy and I did not get a chance to speak to you. It was like old times to see you there demonstrating. Also it is great that Gordon is looking so well. You have both been through so much. Good luck with everything you do.

  6. I'm so pleased to see Gordon looking so well and recovering quickly. I was deeply shocked when I read your blog tonight, my thought are with you both x

  7. Great news Im pleased Gordon is doing well , I must pop down to the shop when you are both there and show you both Rosie , you have seen her Robert but I know Gordon wanted to see her
    Pleased all is going well
    Carol xx

  8. Good to see and hear that things are getting back to some sort of normality for you. Thinking of you and sending all my best. Love ya! Hugs from me and Wendy. Big Sis. XXXX

  9. Well..... I haven't been around for a while and I couldn't believe how much had happened, I had no idea that Gordon had been so ill and had tears running down my face reading all your posts..... I watched Gordon on Ideal World this morning and will be watching again this afternoon... I am so happy for you both that this has had a happy ending... please take it lowly and easy Gordon, from personal experience I know what happens when you dont take time to recover properly, but I am sure Robert is taking good care of you.. wishing you both every happiness for later in the year and I'll be making sure I open your blog everyday...