Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Gordon On Create and Craft today and a pic of Harry Too.

Hi everyone.
I know i havnt posted for a while and i am so sorry.
You know how it is one thing leads to another and another and there just isnt enough time in the day.
It has been a very busy few weeks for us as we are ordering things for the big paper craft shows which are getting nearer every day, making samples for T V , the shows,and the shop with all the new products coming out
(all very exciting ) and getting all the classes at the shop sorted so they are ready to start again inApril.
Gordon has really improved dramatically over the last few weeks and today i was so proud of him watching him back to himself on Create and Craft and him and Karen did an excellent job and done us all proud.

We have been inundated with calls to the shop and e.mails saying how fab it was to see Gordon looking so well and back to normal.
Heres a picture of Harry to finish with and as you can see he has had a good hair cut.
I wanted to put this pic up because this is how he goes to sleep sometimes while watching the TV. He sort of stays in the position he is in and just nods off and it is so funny to see.
Yes he does like television especially anything with dogs and cats.
His favorite programme is In The Night Garden and he has watched it all the way through since he was a puppy, he even has an Iggle Piggle that sings and it is his favorite toy and is always near him at home.

I will close now and speak to you all again soon.
Thanks for dropping by.
Love and Smiles Rob Gordon and Harry xxx


  1. Yes Rob it was FAB to see Gordon on Create and Craft as his old self and looking well !! You have all been through so much.....

    hugs Diane xx

    PS harry is soooooo cute !!

  2. Aw so nice to see you family looking well! I have just started to follow you blog. Harry is so cute! And hes a TV watcher too, so is my cat! he loves anything with animals, except wolves(he dosent like the howling)Looking forward to seeing your stand at one of the shows soon!Just bought myself a Grand Calibur & will be investing in more dies & your shop is the place to buy I reckon! Best selection & best prices! Take care all of you & keep well & warm!

  3. It was lovely to see Gordon on tv also looking so well. we love Harry bless him he is so lovely , we popped to the shop yesterday with our rosie but to early to see you , but we will pop down again soon
    take care both of you , well all 3 of you
    Carol x

  4. I hear you're all fluey so rest up young man! I hope harry the fluffy heated blanket is looking after you =) i can send over three more dogs to smother you if you aren't warm enough *flops* i'm melting!

    And i'm pleased that Gordon's doing so well! How's Harry react to seeing his dad on telly?!