Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Please Keep Gordon in Your Thoughts Tomorrow.

Just to let you all know
Last night at 6.00 pm Gordon was rushed into hospital where after a scan he was diagnosed with having an ambulism which had bled into his brain.
After this he stopped breathing and had to be resusitated which i watched just standing there feeling as if i was in an awefull nightmare.
Iwas then taken into a little room and was told to prepare myself for the worse and Gordon was being aneathetisded and taken to another hospital for an emergency operation but may die on the way or in surgery.
Ialso had Harry to worry about as he had been alone for seven hours so manage dto get in touch with a good friend who came and got me picked up Harry and some things of Gordons and drove me to the other hospital.
Imagie our surprise to find him awake with colour back in his cheeks and talking although slurry even the surgeon was gobsmacked.
They decided not to operate but to keep him under observation and do more scans.
They found he has another ambulism (im probably spelling that wrong sorry) which is 2 centimetres long and in a hard place to get to operate on.
He has been given three choices.
1 keyhole surgery where thew surgeon will insert things into his leg up to his brain and try to wire the blood vessel (like winding a peice of twine around a balloon to fasten it.
This will stop a stroke occuring.
2 if that isnt successful he will operate through the back of Gordons head and try to seal the blood vessel which after a 24 hour wait will stop him having a stroke but he could have one in that 24 hour period.
If this doesnt work and the surgeon accidently punctures it this will also cause a stroke.
3 Just do nothing but expect a stroke or death.
Obviously he has gone for options 1 and 2.
Gordon is in good spirits and we have said that no matter what happens tomorrow we will get through it and we will be even stronger.
His Operation is at 8.00 tomorrow morning and i will be with him before he goes in and there when he comes out.
So please please keep Gordon in your thoughts tomorrow and i will let you know the outcome tomorrow night when i get home.
The photo of Gordon was taken on Sunday at Bakewell and Monday was our 18th aniversary of being together.
Thank you for reading this.
Love and hope Rob xxx


  1. I'm in shock reading this. You are all in my thoughts and prayers (( hugs )).

  2. Hello Sian.
    I will send your love to Gordon.
    Its 5.00 am and i havnt been able to drop off so im going to get ready now and set off around 6.00 so i have plenty of time with him before he goes to surgery.

  3. God what a shock Rob, my heart goes out to you both....

    hugs Diane xx

  4. Positive thoughts winging their way for Gordon. Keep strong. Pam

  5. My thoughts are with you. Be strong and think positive. Shirley x

  6. How awful! I hope he will be ok, sending lots of hugs and get well wishes.

    Hugs Fiona xxx

  7. oh Robert i am so sorry to hear this news. I know what you are going through, believe me. Just try and stay strong for Gordon as he will need you. Sending you all loads of love, Chris (Trish's friend from North Wales)

  8. So sorry to read this sad news. My thoughts are with you all and I send healing wishes your way. (((((hugs))))) Beth. x

  9. Saying a prayer and thinking of you both. xx

  10. Sending loads of positive and healing vibes to Gordon and I hope and pray all goes well with the operation. I met you at the NEC in November and you were so helpful. Hugs to you both and will watch out for news.

    Sheila xx

  11. I hope everything has and is still going well.

    There are many of us on severale forums thinking positive thoughts and prayer for you both.

  12. I only get to meet you guys at the shows but have spoken to Gordon numerous times when I have rung to place an order with you. I am so very sorry for this trauma that you are both dealing with. Be strong each of you. You are both in my thoughts
    Sue xx

  13. Hi Robert,

    Hugs to you both. If you remember I had a stroke last November which affected my speech for several weeks and thankfully I'm OK now. I'm sure Gordon will be fine Robert and will soon be on the road to recovery. He is in the best place and thankfully so were you (with Gordon) when it happened. He will have the best care possible to help him recover as I'm positive you will make a good nurse.

    Lynda (Ex Papercraft World. Margaret sends her good wishes too.

    PS Harry looks well. Maisie, our Old English Sheepdog, loves the snow too

  14. I have just read about this on the docrafts forum and wanted to let you know you will both be in my thoughts and prayers. Love and best wishes to Gordon for a successful op and speedy recovery xx

  15. oh i am so sorry to hear your bad news and hope and pray all goes well for Gordon,stay solid and he will be strong enough to get through,hugs, Georginax

  16. Hi rob,thinking of you both,healing hugs,michelle cliff danny and lulu xxxxxx
    harry is fine and getting lots of hugs,love and licks harry and bob xx

  17. Sending positive thoughts and prayers x janet

  18. I am so sorry to hear about Gordon, I know how tough it will be for both of you and how you will feel the need to be strong for his sake. I will be thinking of you both at this unsettling time and hope the surgery goes well.

  19. thoughts and prayers are with you both and your families xxxxxxx .Keep strong x

  20. Just read your blog, I am so sorry to hear about Gordon and have my fingers crossed all went well today.

  21. Hello Robert
    Please send Gordon best wishes from Gloria, Karen, Liz & Caroline of HSNW Festivals.

    He is in our thoughts - let us know how he gets on - I will watch the blog

  22. you have both been in my thoughts and prayers all day. Love to you both, Sally x

  23. what a terrible shock, stay strong for each other.
    keeping you in my thoughts.

    suzanne x

  24. I really hope it all goes well.
    Stay strong. xx

  25. Hi Rob
    Thanks so much for phoning me today.
    Im so so sorry to hear the news about Gordon.
    Dave and I send our love to both of you.Hopefully the operation went well today stay strong keep in touch.Let me know if there is anything I can do.
    Give Gordon our love and plenty of hugs
    Keep safe both of you with all the love in the world.
    Eileen and Dave

  26. Just read the news on UKScrappers forum and just wanted to send you goods wishes! You don't know me but I'm just one of your many customers who enjoy your stands at the different shows.

    I wouldn't choose option 3 either! Gordon sounds like he's strong and a fighter. I'm sure this will help him through this. Hope you're ok,too. It must be very hard for you as well.

  27. Hi Robert

    I've just found out about Gordon, and am hoping that all went well today.

    Big cyber hugs in your hours of need.

    Judi & Paul

  28. Hi Rob
    Thanks so much for calling this morning.
    I was so so sorry to hear about Gordon.Hopefully the outcome from today is positive.
    Keep in touch lovely to hear that Brummie voice I do miss it so much
    Keep in touch Dave and I send our love to both of you.Keep safe
    With all the love and hugs in the world
    Eileen and Davexx

  29. Hi Robert , My thoughts are with you both , I do hope all went well today
    It was nice to see you the other day and you told me in person
    Take care
    Thinking of you
    Carol Bignall

  30. hi Robert its sally from pleasley carboots who sells cards, ours thoughts are with you n gordon, plz keep us up dated sally

  31. what a shock so sorry Robert i do hope with all my heart that things have gone well for gordon today will check back tomorrow for news luv sue xxxx

  32. Hi Robert, my thoughts are with you both, l do hope all went well for Gordon, l do hope we will hear some news from you soon

    be strong

    sue x

  33. OH Wow everybody i am absolutely overwhelmed by all of your kind words and thoughts.
    I am going to bed with such a wonderful feeling of friendship and love and i know i dont even know some of you but you have all made me feel so much stronger and safer.
    Thank you all so very much and i will make sure that Gordon sees all of this page.
    Love and kind thoughts back to you all Rob xxx

  34. Oh Robert, What can I say, I have only just heard, it is such a shock. I do hope all has gone well for Gordon today. All I can do is pray and hope for you both till I check back again tomorrow. Thinking of you both. Ann XXXX (the lunch bag handbag)

  35. so sorry to hear this shocking news,just goes to show that none of us know where our future leads & healing thoughts sent to you both.xx

  36. So pleased the outcome is looking good. Hope Gordon goes from strength to strength. You are such lovely people who don't deserve this. Love and hugs Vonnie