Saturday, 9 March 2013

Dedication to Robert on YOUTUBE

Roberts brother , Daryl posted this dedication to Robert on YOUTUBE .
Just go to YOUTUBE and type in the search box : ROBERT GORNALL.
You will find it under Dedicated to Robert Gornall RIP.
Just thought some of you might like to look at this . You will see many old photos of Robert and I .
You will aso find another  under Mums Song ,also posted by Daryl , Roberts brother.
Many of you still talk about Robert , he was very special to many of you ,so i hope you enjoy these little snippets of his life .



  1. Just watched both of these. Very sad to think Robert is no longer here. I loved his many hairstyles! He seemed to enjoy life as he is smiling in nearly all the photos. Thanks for sharing them. x

    1. Robert did love his little life , he left all the problems to me .He was a character loved by all who met him during his life . Gordon

  2. I loved watching him on create and craft his love of craft and life shone out of him

    1. Thank you , you have it perfect ! Gordon