Monday, 16 February 2009

The Craft Trade Show

Gordon at the entrance to the Trade Show

Yesterday we went to the Craft Hobby and Stitch trade show,to have a look round and see if we could find some more new products for our shop, mind you Gordon says i only come to see old friends and catch up on the latest gossip (and maybe he,s right haha).

We went and said hello to the lovely people at Elusive Images and have decided to take some of their gorgeous rubber stamps for the shop, and i cant wait to use them.

Heres a pic of Lynn and i on their stand.The carousel behind is all made using their rubber stamps and actually lights up and goes round isnt it fab. Lynn and i on the Elusive Images stand

The show wasnt as big this year and it wasnt so busy either but there was some quite interesting things around, including our friend Karen (she is really interesting and always has something to talk about) We have ordered some nice card toppers from the stand she was working for and they will be great to use if you only have minutes to spare to make a card.

Karen and i standing in front of the card toppers

Finally we got to see Stacey who owns Spellbinders working her magic on the Wizard and using the New dies that we are all so looking forward to. She showed me a great way of using the paisley nestabilities which i will share with you later,and also i had a wonderful surprise too which i will tell you at the end.I must say Gordon and i are so proud to have been associated with Spellbinders since they started 5 years ago and it is fantastic how things have just grown and grown for them. This is also Jeffs ( Staceys Husband) first time in the UK and hes looking forward to trying some of our Beers and traditional pubs,as well as seeing London.

Stacey Jeff and I with all the new dies behind us

Kim who is also part of the Spellbinders team was working on another stand at the show so we said our goodbyes to Stacey and Jeff and went to find her and what a sorry story she had to tell.

When she arrived in the UK on Saturday she was informed that her luggage had been lost and it still hasnt been found. So she has had to borrow some of Staceys clothes until it arrives. I said it could have been a lot worse if Stacey hadnt come as she would have only had Jeff to loan clothes off haha. Kim i hope it was found yesterday and you have your things back if not you have to have a shopping day Kim and I (has anyone seen this ladies luggage)

No neither has she since shes been in the UK

Just before we left i went and said hello to Kath from the Glitter girls and she looked a million dollars with her new hair colour and amazing Necklace.Her and Babs had been nice and busy all day and were looking forward to a good ol Brummie meal of Faggots and chips.

Kath and I having a giggle and is that water or gin on her table (hic) ???


Stacey and Jeff gave us a lovely surprise today by giving us some of the new sets of dies so that the girls at the shop and i can get some samples done for all our customers to see.They also gave us a Spellbinders Wizard carry case and a Spellbinders die carrying case that fits inside and there are only eight of these sets in existance at the moment.

The wonderful surprise we were given by Stacey and Jeff. Thank You both so very much.

Thank you so much guys you really are too good to us and we cant wait to see you again in August or September for a very special occasion to be held by Once Upon A Stamp starring Stacey and Kim.

Watch this space for details


  1. I'm breathless with anticipation. So exciting! All my very favourite crafting products are going to be in one place when the goodies start to arrive. Sounds like heaven.

  2. I'm with my friend Jo on this one. Those new dies look fabulous. Can't wait to see them in the flesh, so to speak.