Saturday, 11 June 2011

All Ready For Doncaster Show

Hello everyone.
Hope you all enjoyed the videos Gordon and i have made for the No More Shims Mat and if there are any more things you would like us to try just let us know and we will do a video.
We have just finished setting up for tomorrows stamping show at the Doncaster Dome and Gordon, Karen and Michelle will be there to help you and show you some of the latest tricks and techniques with our products.
I am real busy at the moment working on my projects for college and when they are finished i will put some pics up to show you how i am getting on.
I have not had a cigarette now for just over 11 weeks and must admit have found it a lot easier than previous attempts i just need to work out a way to lose the excess weight that has appeared since stopping ( diet will start when i am ready as i can only cope with stopping one thing at a time )
Its been a bit of a sad couple of weeks too as my uncle passed away and my sister in laws father was found dead on the day of my uncles funeral and he was a fit 66 year old , so not a nice time really at the moment.
The garden is also keeping me busy as many of you know i absolutely love my garden and am sooooo happy with it this year as Gordon and i have transformed the front and the part next to the kitchen over the last couple of months and i keep having to go and have a look even when its dark haha.
Tomorrow i will be picking the first of our Strawberry's and will make something nice with them for when Gord comes home from Doncaster.
If you come to Donnie tomorrow please say hello and if you liked the videos please send in some comments as we have had none on the blog for them yet.
Going to close now and thanks for dropping by.
Love and smiles Rob, Gordon and Harry xxx


  1. Well done Rob with the not smoking !! The diet can wait so don`t double the presure, just get in that garden and do some serious digging !!

    The video`s are a great idea. When you see a live demo you just can`t take it all in, so to have it to play and stop as you are doing it at home is FAB !!

  2. Hi Guys! This is a first time for me on your fabby blog (I have just ordered from the online shop for the first time too!) Always late to the party I have just got back from holiday in the US and finally gave in and bought a cuttlebug!

    Your great videos have really opened my eyes up to what I can do with it - hence justifying the purchase even more in the eyes of DH Lol! Ive got literally buckets of those bottle tops (remember when they were the "in thing?!!) Yup, always a sucker for a new trend I bought loads of the pesky things! Now I know what I can do with them! Yay!

    On a personal note, Flippin Well Done You on the smoking cessation. I am a smoker too and would love to stop. But just aint got the willpower. You put me to shame! Thanks again & Take care, Alison, Cheshire, UK :)