Monday, 21 November 2011

Back Online Yippeeeeeee with a Massive Catch Up

Hi Everyone.
I know i was supposed to post 2 weeks ago but im afraid our modem thing died while we were at the N.E.C.
The Sky man came and changed it last Saturday and it worked for literally 10 minutes after he left and died again.
Hes been again today and has done loads of geeky things and fingers crossed it will work at least until i have got this blog post up and running.
Anyway the N.E.C was fabulous as usual and heres a pic of us on the Thursday just before they opened the doors.

Karen Me Gordon and Michelle

It was great meeting old customers and new and although we were so busy we still had time to chat and have fun.
While i helped Gordon on the till and re stocking Karen demonstrated the new Sizzix Vintaj machine and all of the Vintaj jewellery products and folders that go with it, while Michelle demonstrated the different Scor-Pal boards.
We had sold out of all of those products by the end of the show which made us all really happy.

On Thursday and Friday evening i met up with some old pals from my younger days in Birmingham.
Thursday evening i met Karen who had to come without Roz and Kath this timeas they were working but we had a good old chin wag and catch up. It was great seeing you Kaz and cant wait for you all to come and see us next year.
Friday evening was very emotional for me as i met up with Lorna who was my closest female friend in Brum. She was on holiday with me back in 1993 when i first met Gordon and i hadnt seen her for 16 years. Not only that she bought along another old buddy Chris which was such a wonderful surprise. Lorna and Chris its been too long and we have to stay in contact now and again cant wait for you to come and see us next year.
Heres a couple of photos of us.

Myself Chris Lorna and Gordon

Lorna and I = Double Trouble

Now then i bet you are wondering what was so important that i had to come home on the Saturday of the N.E.C.
We have been waiting for the main part of our new products to be delivered and they will be available in January, so i had to be home for the delivery.
Oh woweee i couldnt resist opening one of the boxes and when i did i had to go straight up to my craft room and play.
So for the next 2 months the girls and i will be busy making samples for the launch of these products on Ideal World Create and Craft Channel in January.

Just before we went to the N.E.C, Harry had his last haircut for the year so here is a before and after shot of him.

Harry Before his haircut.

Harry after his haircut.

Honestly everything is happening all at once here and Gordon and i are up to our arm pits with another big project that hopefully will be ready for February. It started on the first day of October and is sort of taking over our lives at the moment ( but more of that tomorrow ).
Heres a little clue of what is taking most of our time up .

If you can guess what we are doing do leave a comment and all will be revealed tomorrow.

So i have caught up a little now and will be back tomorrow.
Love and smiles Rob Gordon and Harry. xxxxxxxxx


  1. as one of the old friends in question (chris!) it was really great to see rob and gorden, particularly because they haven't changed one bit. I was roberts boss for a short time, can you imagine, that was so much fun, univerally loved by one and all.
    Glad the show went so well and keith said you look exactly the same!

  2. Oh Chris it was fantastic seeing you and Lorna again and what a brlliant night.
    Tomorrow after we have helped put the radiators in and other things i will give you and Keith a tinkle and Lorna too.
    Love you all loads Rob Gordon and Harry xxxxxx