Friday, 17 February 2012

California Dreaming and Other Tales

Hello Everybody.
Well its been a fantastic couple of weeks for us and heres why.
On the 19th of January we left for California to attend and work at the CHA trade show in Anaheim, but before that we had a weeks holiday in San Diego and had a wonderful relaxing break which we both needed.
We then drove up to Anaheim and spent three wonderful days with Diana,Roy and their lovely girls on the Scor-Pal stand at the CHA demonstrating our products to the masses which went down brilliantly.
I was going to put lots of photos up but cant find the disc i took out of my camera when i got back home so will put them on Flickr when i find it.
So thank you Diana and Roy for giving us the opportunity to show our wares off on your stand we love you loads.
It was also great to meet up with Kitty from the Netherlands at last and Diane from Seattle who will be coming over to see us later this year and hopefully do a workshop at the store as she is a very clever and crafty lady xxx.
We really had a great time and it all ended too soon.
We arrived back in England to promises of snow and thankfully madeit home just before it started. We stayed awake as long as we could to try and avoid the jet lag and although we stayed up until 10.00 pm i was wide awake again at 4.00am.
We went and had a look at how the new house was doing ( and i put a new disc in my camera )
as soon as Gordon woke up ( he did well and got up at 8.00 am )
Wow what a difference two weeks makes just have a look at the pics.

Arrived to another full skip and a Winter Wonderland.

All the Double Glazing completed front and back including balcony doors for main bedroom.

The back garden in all its winter glory.

Oh wow and the Kitchen is almost ready too, I Love it.

And so is the bathroom

And the shower

A bedroom with a view ( and a balcony soon i hope )
After that we went and picked up Harry who had had a wonderful time with his pal Bob and the Pussycats.

The last two weeks have seen us painting decorating and packing and Gordon and Sandra were at the paper craft show in Stevenage last weekend and if you went i hope you had a great day as the weather was still really cold. Thank you for all your help Sandra we really love you loads xxx.
I am frantically packing boxes like mad and trying to remember to label them all.
The washing machine and dryer have both gone to the new house now so the kitchen here is looking a little bare.
So i think that has got us back up to date and i will put some pics up of how the new place is looking in a few days.
Thanks for dropping by
see you soon.
Love and Smiles Rob, Gordon and Harry xxx


  1. looking great! all exciting and stressful.
    Love Andreax

  2. Wow it's looking great, bet you can't wait to get in there. Elizabeth x

  3. What a difference, Rob! It looks beautiful and your kitchen is wonderful - not surprised you love it. We had a very seventies kitchen when we moved in here - all orange and brown flowers with some greeny yellow cupboards! I put up with it for nearly three years but I did a lot less cooking in it than I do now!

  4. Hello girls
    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment it really is appreciated.
    It was a lovely surprise to see everything nearly finished when we got back.
    Have been taking lots of boxes up, ready for unpacking and have almost finished stripping walls in little bedroom so we can start decorating all upstairs.
    Phew it is certainly keeping us on our toes ha ha .
    Love and smiles Rob xxx

  5. I am very jealous of the Kitchen - mine still looks like your before picture - am saving hard to get the money to renovate. Mind you I am still working on my Bathroom, which has taken me nearly a year to do!