Wednesday, 28 March 2012

What the Specialist said.

Hello again.
Well i went for my visit with the specialist at the hospital today and he showed me an X Ray of my spine.
I seem to have a small legion on the last two vertebrae of my spinal chord and i now have to be seen by a Neurologist at the big hospital where Gordon was last year to talk me through what all this means and what is going to happen next.
So i am still a little in the dark but keep telling myself that if it was anything really serious i would have been sent there straight away.
The specialist has told me that i will get a letter within the week, so i will let you all know what happens next as soon as i can.
I am a little scared ( only natural ) but will feel a lot better when i actually know what i am up against.
Thanks everyone for dropping by.
Love and Smiles
Rob Gordon and Harry xxx


  1. get in touch kd

  2. Ahhh Robert I hope you are taking care of yourself I was totally shocked when I saw the girls at the NEC and not yourself and Gordon, I did ask about you and the lady told me all about what has been happening to you. Thinking of you so much take care and keep strong.
    Carol (Dreamees)xx

    We have the 2 cockapoos like Harry

  3. Thinking of you hope all goes well. Bee x

  4. Hope all goes well for you and they do not keep you hanging around for an appointment for too long. x

  5. Keeping you in my prayers

  6. HUGGGGSSSSSSSS Robert ... xx

    (who spends a fortune everytime I come & visit) hehehe

  7. hope you get all the help and support needed. janex