Sunday, 8 April 2012

Im back home for now

Hello Everyone
Oh my goodness what a horrendous past few days it has been for us here.
On Wednesday evening one minute im climbing the stairs to go to the loo and the next thing i wake up in Hospital.
As some of you know i havnt been doing to great the past couple of months and have slowly been getting worse.
Because of all the things that are happening to me the doctors at the hospital ( as well as Gordon and I ) thought i may have a brain tumour ( i did ask them to pickle it for proof if they found a brain ) so i had to have an M.R.I scan for at and another one for my spine.
I can now tell you that i am Tumour free on both counts but my condition remains a mystery and i have had eight phials of blood taken for eight different tests.
Being as i cannot have a Lumber Puncture in my spine until sometime next week they have let me come home ( also the blood tests will be late back because of Easter). They will need to operate to remove the swelling in my spine to relive the pressure from other parts of my body ??? but need to try and find out what has caused it first.
I am still paralysed in parts of my face and i have numbness ( that feels like a dentist has injected me in parts of my feet and legs bottom and privates with anaesthetic ) but even though i cant leave the house at least im with Gordon and Harry and im being cared for great.
When Gordon heard i could come home he put this sign up on the house that he has been keeping a surprise from me for ages and i really couldnt believe it when i saw it.
So now i really do live in the House of Wishful Thinking.

So next week i will know more and as soon as i know what they have found i will let you know.
Thank you everyone for your kind words and good wishes we really appreciate them.
Hope you have all had a wonderful Easter and thanks for dropping by.
Love and smiles .
Rob Gordon and Harry xxxxxxx


  1. Just to let you know that I'm praying for you Robert. It's about time you and Gordon had some better luck health wise. I've not been able to get out to the shop for a while but I do like to keep up to date with your goings on on the blog. God bless you both. Love Dawn x

  2. Will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, Robert. Pleased you are well enough to come home to the house of wishful thinking - a wonderful sign - Love it!

  3. Glad you are back home for a while Robert !! This is terrible what you are going through !! In my thoughts.......

    hugs Diane xx

  4. wonderful to know you are home and those tests didn't throw up an unpleasant diagnosis. Geat relief to all who know you! Here's wishing you bucket loads of wishful thinking! Chris - customer from Stone, Staffs

  5. Thinking of you both. God Bless.

  6. So glad to hear all these positive words from you Robert, take it easy and enjoy being spoiled by Gordon. I love your house sign :) Sending more positive thoughts in your direction....

  7. Crikey when you Lads do poorly, you sure do it big time! Hope you start getting some feeling back soon Robert, numb bits and bobs isn't good. Love Elizabeth xxx

  8. So relieved to read your post this morning Robert although I can imagine how scared you have been. I'll keep the positive vibes flowing for good results from the blood tests and keep watching for news.

    I love the sign btw!

    Much love to you, Gordon and Harry.

    Lesley Xx

  9. Glad your feeling a little better now Robert, you were an absolute pleasure to look after. I've got nobody changing my clocks at work for me now at work ;) hope to see you fully better soon, but I think we should stick to me coming to the shop :)

    Take care, love nursey niki xx

  10. Thank goodness you are home. Take care of yourself.x

  11. Soooo pleased you're home Robert, thats where you belong! Gordons sign is wonderful - no wonder you're proud! I'll not lie to you, lumber punctures are not pleasant and you have to rest afterwards but they can and do find alot of aswers which is what you want. Glad all our vibes and prayers worked, think positive! x Cynthia

  12. I am glad to hear thatr you are back home. I hope they sort out your health problems asap.

  13. Glad to hear you are back for home even if it's only for a short while. It must be hard not knowing what is wrong and waiting for results is tough. Pleased to hear though that it's not a tumour - which I'm sure was a relief to you both.

    I do hope they can find out what's wrong and start treatment soon. I'll say a prayer for you when you the time comes for that op and I hope it all goes well.

    I love that sign for the house - what a great surprise for you.


  14. Oh dear Rob so sorry to hear your news you are having bad luck lately but it sounds like you are being well looked after and i hope things improve for you verey very quickly take care both love to you all Luv Sue x

  15. So pleased to hear you are back home and that they have ruled out the tumours. Hope its not too long before they come up with a diagnosis.
    That house plaque is fantastic, not a jealous person obviously had made to order. When you have time am sure we would all like to know where from!!!
    Take care of one another thought are with you.

  16. So pleased you got out for easter to your house of wishful thinking,love the sign very glad its not what we all thought it could be,keep that positive outlook going Rob,were all there with you,healing hugs and big sloppy kisses from bob ,m and co xxx

  17. Hope you will recover soon and can enjoy your new home.
    All the best to you all.
    Warmest regards from Germany

  18. FABULOUS house sign - terrific sense of humour there, eh .. LOL .. So pleased they ruled out tumours - now all they have to do is find out exactly what it is .. Taking copious amounts of blood is par for the course, lets hope they find out before you run out .. LOL ... Huge hugs to you both .. Sue xx

  19. in sickness or in health you still make me laugh!!
    need anything? Give us a call!! love to you both k n k n Barney

  20. So sorry to hear about your health probs - you two need to look after yourselves!
    Glad you are a bit better but hope they find out the cause so that you can get the best treatment.
    Best wishes

  21. Meant to say that I love the house sign

  22. Hello Robert and Gordon.Glad to hear you are home.At least you are being looked after by the hospital.I agree with Cynthia ,lumbar punctures are not pleasant (I had three last September) But they really do help to get to the bottom of things.Good luck and lets hope you are on the mend soon.XX

  23. Hope you are feeling batter soon and make sure you do rest! Hope the results come back ok and you get some answers the worst thing is not knowing and waiting. Thinking of you loads and sending hugs and thoughts your way
    Love Andrea, Ali and Iain xx

  24. Hope they soon work out what is wrong so that you can get the right treatments and be back on the road to recovery

    Get well soon


  25. wishing you a speedy recovery. Susan