Friday, 13 July 2012

List of those planning to attend , leave your name or names here please .


  1. We'll be there to join you Gordon .. Andy's Mother is at Tythe Green, & yes, it's a lovely place .. HUGSSSS .. xx

  2. I wouldn't miss this occasion to say my thanks for the great memories Robert has given me. The many laughs we had and dare say will continue to have. Take care Gordon love hugs and kisses for Harry xx Lyn Howe

  3. Hi Gordon. Just a quick note to say im thinking of you and send you all my love. Rob will be so proud of everything you are doing, see you at the celebration.
    Leanne, (annes adopted landscaping sister )x x

  4. Chris and Lucy lenehan
    We will be there as Robert and yourself have always been there for mum which has always meant a lot, your Doing him proud x

  5. Hi Gorden. We will be attending to celebrate the life of robert who will be sadly missed.
    Glenise and Terry.

  6. Hi Gordon,
    sorry i know this is for people who will be attending celebration of Roberts life but, i just wanted to say....i was at Summer crafting today at the Race course(Saturday) and all of your lovely ladies did both you and Robert proud in what was at times very difficult for them.
    You are all such lovely people and my thoughts are with you all

  7. Hi Gordon

    I only met Robert twice, what a fantastic, funny, loving man he was, I would like to be there.....
    Amma (Anne's friend)

  8. Hi Gordon, the Go Kreate family (excluding Ruben) will be attending to help celebrate Robert's Life. Our thoughts are with you and Harry.

  9. I will be attending the celebration of Rob's life, travelling from Doncaster. If anyone in DOncaster would like to attend but has transport problems, leave a reply here.

    Patsy May

  10. Dearest Gordon,
    I so wish Roy and I could be there to indeed celebrate Robert's Life. Please know we will be there in thought and spirit. I did not know Robert did Zentangle, it is a new hobby of mine. I shall do a tangle in his honor. He was a wonderfully caring and loving person, always made me giggle. His life touched ours in so many ways. I know we will see him again.
    With oodles and oodles of love!
    Roy and Diana

    1. Hi Diana and Roy.
      Seems like only two minutes ago we were out in California with you all working at the show and touring around. I cant believe what has hapenned in the short time since we last saw you.
      I really appreciate your kind thoughts and i know Robert loved being involved with you both . He was very proud of this as we both are .Its lovely to have you both as good friends .
      Lots of love to you.

  11. John and I will be there Gordon to support and celebrate.
    Big hugs and love Ann and John x

  12. We will be there with you on 24th July. We hope you're taking care of yourself. Dorothy and Richard

  13. Gordon, I am beyond grieved at the loss of Robert. I smile every time I think of him. He was an amazing artist, and a generous friend. We are each so blessed to have known him. I will be there in spirit, but here in Colorado, I'll be wearing my party hat!


  14. We are both devastated by Roberts passing and are still trying to come to terms with the news, our thoughts are with you and of course Robert, we will both be there on Tuesday. pearl and malcolm

  15. Gordan

    I had intended to join you in celebrating Roberts life. I was lucky enough to meet him and he made a wonderful impression on me. Unfortunately, my work colleague was involved in an accident on Tuesday and we aren't sure when he'll be back to work. As this is the case I won't be able to take the day off unless he's back. So sorry. You will be in my thoughts. Love Dawn x

  16. fiona tucker mills20 July 2012 at 13:55


    We intended to join you in celebrating Roberts life.Auntie Hersilla, Uncle John, Cousins Julie,Fiona,Mark,and Catharine.

  17. Gordon,

    For sure I will be there...thinking of you always and even in sadness always smile when I think of Robert. Love to you xxx Nikki

  18. Gerry and Julie23 July 2012 at 14:35

    Hello Gordon, you are working well on behalf of Robert. You were obviously meant for each other. We will be attending the Minster, and as this is a special day for Robert will also be at the burial and Patchings Farm. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow. best regards Gerry (cousin) and Julie Perks (Coventry)

  19. Denise,Sandra and Jan from Stamp Camp Yorkshire will be coming. We all have very fond memories of those few days most of it spent in Marge's brandy bottle- Happy Days!
    Take care of yourself

  20. Hi Gordon i will be joining you to celebrate Roberts life sorry late reply Luv Sue x

  21. Sorry I couldn't make the celebration - I hope it went well and the sun shone brightly just like Robert's smile.