Friday, 17 August 2012

Memorial Fund Update

First of a great big thank you if you were one of the 150 or so who attended Roberts memorial at Southwell Minster , it was a wonderful tribute to Robert in every way .

I have decided to close the fund in Roberts memory at the end of this month . Times are hard , but if everyone on here was to contribute between £1 and £5 we could raise £1000 for a very worthy cause to help those suffering from cancer as well as there families.

Please see the previous posting on how you can contribute and help me do something good from all that has hapenned .

Love and Smiles


1 comment:

  1. Hi Gordon, I hope you are well and that happy memories of Robert are helping to ease your pain at this time. I've just transferred a payment from my account to the memorial fund. I hope you reach the target you have set. Take care, Tracey