Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Embossing folders

If you were one of the lucky people to get the free embossing folder offer I can now tell you that they have just landed at port and will be with us next week .

We will then begin to allocate them accordingly .



  1. Oh, lovely....I have been waiting for them , before I buy anything else. They will be sooo useful for Christmas cards. Thank you Gordon.
    Take care. Love Jen. x

  2. been looking forward to these ...thank you . Jen

  3. I must tell you Gordon, that my three embossing folders came today.. and they are really beautiful....Thank you so much . Take care. Jen. x

  4. Hi Gordon,
    My embossing folders arrived this morning. Thank you so much. Have just run them through my machine - one pass, lovely crisp embossing. Great not to have to fuss about trying to line things up as I do with smaller folders.
    Thanks again.
    Sandy H.