Monday, 29 March 2010

Whats the time Ten To Nine

And its been ten to nine on my watch since the trade show at the N E C in Birmingham.
Why so i hear you ask .......
The answer is because we have been so busy busy busy busy and i just hav'nt had time (excuse the pun ) to get a battery as yet

Its brilliant though and we are not complaining its just that time of year with all the shows and sample making and the day to day running of the shop and trying to keep the house running too (haha im sure you all know the feeling )
Tomorrow morning we are in the shop stock taking and catching up with the orders that have come in over the past two days and then we are going shopping yipeeeeeee.
Its also Harrys Second Birthday tomorrow and we want to get him something special and take him for a good old walk in his favorite part of Sherwood Forest.
Now heres the big news.
We are taking on two new members of staff on the first of April and they will be working alternate days from Monday to Saturday .
They are our great friends Di and Jean and our regular customers will know them well as they are always coming in to give us a hand if we need it so now they will be here a lot more and theres bound to be lots of fun.
This will now let us do the orders answer the phone straight away look after our customers needs even more efficiently and someone will always be able to show you how to use a product you may not understand and even let you have a go yourself as we cant do this sometimes when we have a shop full of people and there is only one of us available so i hope that is good news to you all.
The last TV appearances and the shows have been fantastic for us and we just want to thank everyone for your support and telling all your friends about us.
Im sorry for not blogging for ages but i have been so tired when ive been getting home i just fall asleep (must be my age).
I will try and get a piccy up of the birthday boy tomorrow as i know he has quite a fan club out there.
Im going off to make a few more samples now with my scor-pal,justrites and cottage cutz as they are all going to be on tv in the next few weeks.
Smiles from Rob Gordon and Harry xxx


  1. Glad to see you back - and wasn't the NEC last weekend just out of this world ....

  2. Meant to say will be on the phone for more JustRite stamps - they are sooooooooo addictive - loving them ....

  3. Nice to see you and chat in the shop this afternoon, as well as buying goodies of course. Lovely to make a fuss of tomorrow's Birthday Boy too.

    Don't forget to check out our Art Dolls, Robert!

    Lesley Xx

  4. Happy birthday to Harry tomorrow!