Friday, 3 September 2010

Last Weeks Fantastic Plastics Workshop.

Hi Everyone.
Last wek was a fantastic workshop even if i do say so myself.
All the girls got to grips with the friendly plastic on their first go which is really unusual and because of that we managed to get loads of techiques in.
I couldnt put this on until now because i took my SD card out of my camera after the workshop as it was full and put it in a safe place until i got home. Then when i got home i couldnt find it even after sifting through everything i had bought back with me.
I have searched all week and then this evening when i wasnt thinking about it i found it in my Glasses case, Honestly im getting worse haha.
I showed my students the basics of using Friendly Plastic and lots of different ways of using it and then showed them some unusual and unique ways to use Shrink Plastic on its own and combined with Friendly Plastic and other materials so we really did have a mixed media extravaganza going on.
We all had a great time and i am really proud of how well they all picked it up.
Here are some pics and a little video of the girls work.

Thank You Girls for a really great day and you were ALL wonderful.

Smiles Rob xxx

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