Thursday, 2 December 2010

Winter Draws On

Hello everybody.
Hope you are all keeping warm and are snuggled up in your craft rooms.

Yesterday we woke up to 12 inches of snow here but as our house is on the main road that leads to our shop we decided to see if we could get there.
It tooka bit longer than usual but we managed it, the last bit being most difficult as we had to come off the main road and into the village which was just about passable.
I couldnt believe it when i saw how much snow was against the doorway and Harry was in seventh heaven.

Anyway to cut a long story short we managed to get most of the orders done before the internet server went down and took them all down to the post office on the way home.
The snow was getting up again and the post mistress told us that she wasnt sure if the post van would get here today but its all ready to be picked up so dont panic.
We arrived home safely and Harry went straight into the Garden and made himself into a snow dog.

He absolutely loves the snow and he really makes you feel warm inside when hes playing in it and it takes your mind off the coldness,

Today we have 18 inches of snow and it is wild outside with cars bashing into lamp posts and just swirving all over the place so we are going nowhere until it all calms down.
Here is a pic i took out of my craft room window just as im writing this of a car that has hit a lamp post being towed away by a lorry and a police car stopping all the traffic into town.
So ive got a big stew on the go downstairs and have decided to get some Christmas cards done as i havnt even had time to do any yet.
I think we will be trying to get to the shop again on Sunday as going any earlier would be crazy at the moment.
As you know we will catch up with all the orders then even if it takes us all night and will post them off on Monday.
I will keep you all informed of any changes over the next few days and post more pics too.
Take care everyone especially if you have to go out.
Smiles and Snowballs from Rob Gordon and Harry xxx


  1. Wow, Harry looks like he's having a blast! What fun snow is when you don't have to earn a living :)

  2. Oh wow, Robert! I had heard that it was bad in Mansfield - is that the A60? Glad to hear Harry has been having a ball in the snow.keep warm, hugs, Sally

  3. Hi girls.
    Yes it is the A60 but we are calling it the WAY SLIPPY at the moment haha.
    Harry thinks the snow was sent just for him and is totally besotted with it.
    Smiles Rob Gordon and Harry xxx