Saturday, 4 December 2010

We Made It { Snow Problem }

Hello everyone.
This is what the picture was like on our road this morning.
Although the snow was coming down fast before i went to bed it had obviously rained through the night and the sun was out too so the thaw has started.

We gave it a couple of hours just to make sure the weather wasnt suddenly going to turn on us and then set off to the shop.
We got there without any problems ( except for me having to stop for sweets on the way ).
The guys who own the garage opposite us had cleared a lot of the snow away from our shop with a digger thing they have so that was even better and hopefully by Monday it will all be back to normal in the car park area.
Below is a pic of Harry and i just before we opened thhe door to the shop.

And heres one of Gordon sitting in the snow next to the shed we keep all the folded up used boxes to take to be re-cycled when the shed is full.
Gord was actually standing up when i was about to take the photo but slipped and i clicked just at the right moment haha

The internet was back on and we got straight to work on all of the orders we hadnt been able to do for the last couple of days and we are coming back in again tomorrow to finish the rest so that we can take them to the post office first thing on Monday morning (we are so lucky to have the village post office just around the corner from the shop ).
We will be at the shop around mid-day tomorrow until 3.00 pm so if you do need to phone us give us a call in those hours.
Monday hopefully we will be back to normal opening hours and if you feel brave enough to come in and see us please phone first so we can let you know if the parkijg situation is ok.
Thanks for popping by and all your lovely e.mails.
Smiles Rob Gordon and Harry xxx


  1. I hope you make it in okay Robert. As you know we live close by and we can't get off our road still (there is an incline though) because we are now hemmed in by black ice. All that melted snow from yesterday has made it even more dangerous this morning so do take great care.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Thanks for keeping us up to date and sharing all the fabulous photos. Keep warm!

  3. aaahh nice to see harry is ok in the snow bless him
    oh also robert and gordon are ok he he
    Ill have to pop and see you all sonn , ive missed Harry he he he
    carol x