Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Had to Share This With You

Hi Everyone
A couple of days ago one of our customers came into the shop and Gordon asked her how she was getting on with her Big Shot Pro machine.
She told him that she was having problems using it and in fact lately she cant use it at all.
Gordon said that she could bring it back to the shop and he would see if there was anything wrong with it.
The lady then told Gordon that she had a photo of the machine and the problem that was stopping her using it and showed him this.

This is Orion and ever since the lady has had her Big Shot Pro he has decided that it is his new place of residence.
As you can imagine everyone in the shop was highly amused and Gordon suggested she had better buy another one so they could have one each.
Hope this brightens your day.
Love and Smiles.
Rob, Gordon and Harry xxx


  1. That was so funny and made me smile ;-)

  2. That would be a great picture for a caption competition!

    How about 'Here's what I made - how about you?!'

  3. I can see Orion must be boss in your house, as are my cats in mine, but wouldn't have it any other way. Annette

  4. Oh delightful! My Somali cat, and his Siamese friend both help me with my crafting .... not usually a problem until i get into serious colouring, with mica powders or colour sprays, when they seem especially keen to get their paws and noses into the activity! Onion did help tobrighten my day, so thank you for sharing that.