Sunday, 1 January 2012


Hello Everyone and Happy New Year.
Hope you all had a good Christmas and a safe one too.
We had a very relaxing Christmas day and didnt get up until around 10.00 AM.
We opened our presents and helped Harry open his ( he didnt know what to play with first ha ha )
At around one o clock we went for a good long walk from our new house to Newstead Abbey as it was such a beautiful mild day.

This is the walk that leads you into the grounds of Newstead Abbey.
Not a soul in sight as everyone was probably tucking into their Christmas dinners.

Newstead Abbey is usually very busy , but today we had it almost to ourselves and i was able to take some great photos of the Abbey.

This is the oldest part of the Abbey and I just love the big window and would love to have seen it when it had its stained glass, i bet it was gorgeous.

Here are the three of us by the waterfall.

Harry and i just had to go look through the window behind it.

Where there is water Harry will find it, so Gordon let him have a paddle.

I love this door. It used to open at one time but now it is locked.

One more shot of the Abbey in all its glory.

We got home around three o clock and i started the Christmas dinner.
A Turkey is too big for the two of us, so this year we had a loin of Pork with all the trimmings and it was delicious.
So we had dinner around 6.0.clock and then just relaxed in front of the telly as you do at Christmas.
Boxing day was fun as my Brother and his family came up and stayed over.
We had a great time chatting about old times when we were kids and all the great presents we used to get.
We took them to see the new house and the shop then went for a walk around the Nature Reserve just around the corner.
The rest of the Christmas break has been spent relaxing ( we cant do anything to the house at the moment as there is building stuff in every room ) and we have been into the shop every other day for a few hours to process and post any orders.
Last night we saw in the New Year with Harry and kept him entertained while the fireworks were going off outside.
Gordon decided he wanted to launch a floating candle up into the sky.
So we got it lit and held it until it was ready to float upwards and just as it was going up over the house a big gust of wind blew it into the tree in our front garden. So i had to get a bucket of water to put the flames out.
I dont think we will be lighting any more of those somehow.
Today we have been to the shop and got all the orders processed ready to post on Tuesday.
I have been doing some boxing up in my craft room ready for the move and Gordon has been reading and taking it easy.
The shop will open again on Wednesday and we look forward to seeing you and hearing your Christmas stories.
I am going to have one last Mince pie now with a cuppa.
Happy New Year again.
Love and smiles Rob Gordon and Harry xxx

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  1. Sounds like you all had a wonderfull time and heres wishing you the most fab and happy new year Luv Sue x