Wednesday, 6 June 2012


I will have an update on Roberts condition for you all later this week when we will have more information on the next step. Robert is out of pain which is the most important thing for the moment and he is maintaining his journal from his hospital bed and i will have pics of this for you all to see shortly. Gordon


  1. Oh that will be nice Gordon. Hope you're feeling better now you're pain is under control Robert. Everybody who knows you both - even though not in person - is rooting for your little family and we're all hoping you're home really soon, there's nothing like your own front door no-matter how good and kind people are. God-Bless, Cynthia

  2. OMG----i'm just catching up on all this--I'd not heard what had happened.
    Dear Gordon you must be worried stiff--please please send my fondest thoughts and best wishes to Robert.
    Prayers and possitive thoughts
    love Kerry