Friday, 8 June 2012


Hi all
Just to let you know that Robert will be posting a little message to you all later today to update you on his condition. Robert has asked to do this , so i am taking his laptop to hospital to let him write it himself.
Once again thank you to you all for your messages of support and kind thoughts at this time.


  1. Hi Robert just wanted to wish you all the best and get well soon hope it is good news
    Ros Cooperxxx

  2. Thank you Gordon for keeping us up to date with Robert's condition.
    Hope you are keeping well too.
    xx Sheila & Richard Howells xx

  3. Sending best wishes to you both at this time. x

  4. Many hugs to you both x x

  5. I have only just learned about this from my dear friend Carol (Clements). So I add best wishes for Robert's recovery & hugs & love to you both. (Pixie)

  6. i've not long heard about Robert i'm heart broken you may not remember Bob and me(Elenid)but in the old days when you were stating out we did classes with you and you were very kind to us donating items for us to sell for the charty we raise money for(raynaud's & Scleraderma)thus starting us off on our selling of card making items God bless you my prayers are with you i carry you both in my heart forever. Love Elenid