Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Our new instore LOYALTY CARD has now been slightly delayed and will now be launched in our Pleasley store next WEDNESDAY 7TH NOVEMBER .

The card is FREE to all visiting customers and you will receive TWO STAMPS with your first purchase . We will also be handing out cards to all customers making a purchase on our stand at the NEC and customers will aslo receive two stamps with any purchase during the show .

The cards are solely for use in our store at Pleasley and cannot be used for purchases at shows or online .

We look forward to meeting you at the NEC and at our PLEASLEY store .

The store will be open as normal during next week .



  1. it's a shame that the loyalty cards are 'shop only' - it makes me feel that people, like me, who order on the phone / internet aren't as valuable to you as people visiting the shop

    1. Hi
      If you read what we have said about our new website coming soon you will see there is going to be a points gathering system which will give you extra discounts when you make a purchase. A card is a card and can only be used when produced upon making a purchase . We think this is a very fair system for everyone . I note you are anonymous and have not provided your name or i would reply to you in person with your concerns.I have chosen to publish this as we are up front and honest about everything we do . I hope you will now see you were incorrect in your asumptions.