Thursday, 18 October 2012


I am pleased to announce that our new Card scheme will be launched in store on FRIDAY 2ND NOVEMBER.
The new loyalty card scheme is free to join and cards will be issued in store only.

Here is how the new scheme will reward you :

You will gather a stamp on your card when you spend a minimum of £15 per visit. One stamp max per day .

Upon the issue of your fourth stamp you will receive TWO FREE A4 MAGNETIC MATS .

Upon the issue of your eigth stamp you will receive a 10% DISCOUNT ON YOUR PURCHASE

Upon the issue of your twelth stamp you will receive a FREE SPELLBINDER DIE OF YOUR CHOICE ( not grand )

If you choose to pass on this die we will then upgrade you to a second card which will go thropugh the same stages as before , but when you reach your twelth stamp on your second card , you can choose a FREE GRAND OR A4 DIE OF YOUR CHOICE.

This is only the beginning . The new web site will go live before christmas and will feature a loyalty points gathering system which will turn in to extra discount. We also have our new Once Upon a Club coming soon in conjunction with the web site .

Next year we are going in to a new venture , but you will have to wait a while before we can let you have the details.

We are trying to get things back on track and we are moving forward with lots of new ideas .

We hope you like the sound of what is coming .

Regards to all.



  1. Hi Gordon, it's great to hear of your plans and all the things you have planned. I know many of these developments will have been developed with Robert so as you move the business forward there will be some sadness as well as excitement. I am sure Robert is proud of you and the way you are implementing all your plans.

    Good luck at the NEC


  2. Hi Gordon - just to let you know how pleased I am that you are looking so far forward! Can't wait to see the new web-site and hear about all your nw ideas! It must be hard to be positive at the moment but all your customers and supporters are so pleased to see you being just that!