Saturday, 27 April 2013

Back from our travels to China

First of all a big thank you to Karen for keeping the Blog up to date while we were away . I did not realise that Blogging and such like are actually blocked from China . Anyway we were able to send our pics by email to Karen who then updated the Blog from here .
Our visit went extremely well . We had an all day visit to the new factory where both our machine and dies are being assembled .
The main cause of the delay in our machine is our insistance on having a very strong inner metal case and especially our insistence on all metal cogs . Plastic cogs will just not do in this machine with its increased pressure . We have been told that this has caused them problems having the parts manufactured because of the increased cost involved . However this has now been done and assembly is underway .
We have teamed up with a wonderful group of people over there and we are very proud to be associated with them .
We have also seen the first of our new die designs in production and these are excellent and of the very highest quality , we are delighted with the look of the new dies.
So we can report that all is going well and on track for late June . The most important thing is that you can be assured you will be getting the best machine it is possible to have manufactured due to the demands we have made and that is what our trip was all about .
We have also discussed a number of other projects and there are some interesting possibilities for the future .
China is a wonderful place and the people there are very hard working and dedicated to what they do , they really care which is what we needed to see .
Made in China not such a bad thing after all long as you know what you are doing and go that extra length to make sure it is being done .
Thats enough for now ...I am still waiting for my head to return after the long 19 hour journey home .
I can highly recommend Emirates as a wonderful airline to travel with !



  1. Gordon, thanks for the report back. Although I follow the blog it was nice to speak to Karen (I think) this morning just to inform me of the delay. I suspect the likes of Spellbinders and Sizzix wouldn't go as far. Loved the pictures and the reports, now just itching to get my hands on my machine :-)

  2. So pleased you are both back safely and you had a fab time. The machine sounds so wonderful and very well made, can't wait to get mine. Also itching to know what these 'other projects' are!!!! haha, take care, Annette

  3. Welcome back. It looks as if you had a lovely time and it sounds like a very successful one too.

  4. I'm glad you have had a good visit to China and have arrived home safely

    Thanks for making the machine extra strong but oh, two months seems soooo long to wait - but it will be worth it. Will you get them all as one big delivery or will some colours arrive sooner than others?

    1. All of the colours will be arriving together along with our new dies. Gordon

  5. Sounds as if the little extra wait is worth it for the machine. My GC is rattling even more! Glad you and Justin enjoyed your trip.