Thursday, 8 December 2011


Hello Everybody.
Wow has'nt the weather been awful today, hope everyone is OK and did'nt get blown away.
This morning started with Gordon and i going to have a look at how our new kitchen will look when it is finally time to have it all installed.
After a bit of tweeking and changing things around a little we have finally got there and i cant wait now to get cooking in it. We reckon it will be around mid to late January when all that starts.
We had to go to the new house afterwards to make sure the new skip had arrived and see how the builders were getting on. Now before i go any further here is what the back of the house used to look like

Because the extended part of the house was a little dated and the wooden parts were showing signs of age we decided to get it all knocked down and modernised with a re-inforced flat roof
so that we can have a balcony leading from the bedroom upstairs to watch the wildlife in the garden at different times of the day and night (neighbours have seen badgers in the gardens at evening times ) and a nice cuppa in the mornings on nice days.

So this is what greeted us this morning

Everything had gone literally and i must admit i was a little taken back at first.
The builders asked me if i was ok so i must have looked shocked, so for a bit of fun i said with a serious face that i didnt like it and could they put it all back up again as it was. It was their turn to look shocked until i started laughing.
Heres another larger pic of the back of the house.

Just after i took this picture the heavens opened and the winds came blowing in so we all went inside. I will post more pics to let you see how its all progressing over the next few weeks.
Malcolm the joiner has put in more doors and we have a plumber coming in next week to sort out kitchen, bathroom and gas pipes.
So i will close here and see you all for the next installment.
Love and Smiles Rob Gordon and Harry xxxxxx

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