Saturday, 17 December 2011

Its Getting Better and Catchup

Hi everyone.
Well the back of the house is starting to look better and the lovely builders reckon it will be finished just before Christmas.
Heres a couple a pic i took tonight in complete darkness ( as we can only view in the dark because of work ).
As you can see we now have the re inforced roof almost complete and the builders
plan to have all of the back done before Christmas.
These lads have worked so hard and the weather here has been against them all the way.
The plumber has been and had a good look at everything and we now have to have all the
gas pipes replaced as they were put in ages ago by the man who built this in 1930, so you can understand that everything needs re-doing,
There are pipes coming out of the walls that in these days would be a big No No but we knew this when we bought the house and know that everything will look a lot better for being sorted out and give us peace of mind.
Back to our own house and its going to be our last Christmas here so after a lot of soul searching we decided to go the whole hog and put the big Christmas tree up.( which we hav'nt done since we lost Barney four years ago).

This is the last Christmas we will have in this house so i have put three trees up and illuminated every window and it feels great and Harry just loves it.
I will close now and will post again on thursday to show you a wonderful new house present that one of our customers made for us. ( be prepared to be amazed ).
Love and smiles Rob Gordon and Harry. xxxxxx

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  1. Wow you guys have great builders, the house is looking fab. Can't believe they have got so much work done already. Have a fantastic Christmas. love Elizabeth xxx