Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Snow and Scotland and Panda's Oh My

Hello everyone.
On Sunday we travelled up to Scotland to see Gordon's Mom and Family and exchange presents and have a little mini pre Christmas get together.
Although it has been a tad cold down in our neck of the woods we have seen no snow at all, so imagine our surprise that as we were driving through the peak District ( we were about 30 miles into our journey ) we drove into a real winter wonderland with snow everywhere, we had to stop as little Harry absolutely loves snow and we played in the White stuff with him for almost half an hour. Here are a few pics to let you see just how snowy it was.

Gordon and Harry in the snow.

A Winter Wonderland.

We never saw any more snow until we reached Gordons Moms house where to Harrys surprise and happiness the back garden was Snow heaven so he played there until bedtime.

It was a very wet and rainy day today and the snow had all but disappeared which was a bit of a disappointment to harry so Gordon his mom and i decided to go to the Art Gallery in Glasgow for a few hours.
It is a fabulous Museum with lots of Art Nouveau and Deco displays which we all loved.
This was my favourite.
I may do a Rubber Stamp based on this embossed bronze as i think it is so beautiful.

The other thing that caught our attention was a modern art piece suspended from the roof of the gallery showing lots of plaster cast heads. Heres a pic.

We all loved this and although it was quite spooky you just had to keep looking.
That evening we took Gordons mom out for a Christmas meal and she liked the place that much she is going to take her friends there soon.

On Tuesday we took Gordons nephew to Edinburgh Zoo to see the Pandas that have just arrived there.
Oh wow we had to wait in a queue to get to see them but it was worth the wait as they had just woken up when we got to see them.
They are here for ten years and the Zoo has done a really good job with their enclosure.
You don't get bored waiting in line either as you can watch the penguins swimming underwater through a hugh glass viewing area.
These were the best photos of the Pandas that i took.

This is the Male Panda Tian Tian, he had been sleeping and had just woken up.

This is the female Panda Yangguang and i was lucky enough to be right at the front of the glass partition when she decided to come down and take a closer look at me.
Just at that moment my cameras batteries ran out so i was really happy i got that snap.
After the Zoo we went into Edinburgh to have a quick look at the Christmas Market.
Over the Christmas Holidays i am going to update my Flickr Photos and you will be able to see a lot more pics of our trip to Scotland there and loads more things too.
We all had a Fish Supper tonight at Gordon's Moms house and Harry had a grilled square sausage for a treat.
Today we said our goodbyes and came back down to England and we couldn't resist having a look at how things are progressing at the new house.
Oh WOWEEEEEE i can't wait to show you how the back is looking and wish i had re charged my camera but you will be amazed at how much has been done in the time we have beeen away
and i will put pics up soon.
Tomorrow i will be showing you the wonderful New House present that one of our customers have made us before we go on our annual staff Christmas Night Out which is always fun.
Thanks for dropping by and see you all tomorrow.
Love and smiles.
Rob, Gordon and Harry ( who is very tired and wants more snow ) xxxxxx

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