Saturday, 2 February 2013

Latest on new A4 Machine

We have been testing our new machine further .

Just to let you know we have been practicing with SHRINK PLASTIC . We have found we can cut even the most intricate of die designs in Shrink Plastic on the new machine with no trouble at all.

We have tried this before on other machines but have always found it to be a problem especially with intricate designs , but not on this machine because of the pressure involved.

We are now testing further with other mediums and will let you know how we progress.



  1. Gordon - please don't tease!!! Couldn't you show a glimpse of a bit of the new super desired crafting machine? You know - guess what this bit is? Have you any pics of any of you dies?? Just to tease us more.... I am trying not to spend any money on craft things as I have so much lovely stuff to use up - but obviously would still need to buy some essentials!

    1. coming soon ..patience im afraid ! Gordon

  2. Wow Gordon, this machine sounds absolutely amazing!!! Really wish I'd waited and not bought the Grand Calibur, which I'm nervous of using too often in case it breaks, as it doesn't feel as robust as my beloved Big Shots. I'm very interested in the 12" x 12" machine though, so will start saving my pennies in anticipation! Best wishes, Wendy
    PS. If you need an independent tester for the big machine, I am ready and waiting lol!

  3. This machine just keep on sounding better, I am going to pop over on Tuesday will I be able to see it then ?

    Sold my grand calibur the other day, thought I would get ahead of the rush, can't wait to get one of these.

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Karen here.
      You are all in for a treat as the machine is just what we have been waiting for. I`m so lucky as I have been playing on it today while working of course!!! As for the dies all I can say is WOW!!!!! Hugs Karen x

  5. This just gets better every day!
    Have you cut fabric yet? I know you said you'd need an extra plate, will be interested to hear how well it works...