Saturday, 16 February 2013

Machine colour swatches !

Here are some of the colours of our new machine .


  1. Oh my oh my - the colours are really scrummy shades. I still think I like the green/blue shade but the black one still looked so very stylish. To be honest the colour is secondary to performance and results but it is a bonus and really great to have a choice. It is so exciting for launch to be so close. I am supposed to be having a no craft spend month but hey always some necessary things..... I am bursting with excitement - and you really wouldn't want that!

  2. Still not sure what I will choose! However I will definitely need one of these machines!

  3. oh my the colours are fab . im a bit confused tho , are they two toned in colour . or sold in one single colour , and there,s a choice of 7 differant colours.?

    bev - from norwich

    1. Hi Bev . They are all two tone colours . There are a total of five colours . Gordon